Do You Know? Minecraft Legends needs to Give Players more Ways to Fight.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Just now, the first details about how Minecraft Legends is played came out. There seems to be a lot of strategy involved, but the actual fighting seems too easy.

Minecraft Legends needs to Give Players more Ways to Fight

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular video game franchises, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Minecraft is the ideal family-friendly game due to its availability on virtually every platform of the past ten years, as well as its user-friendliness and abundance of complex gameplay mechanics. As you might expect from a popular property, Minecraft has spawned a number of spinoffs over the years. The upcoming Minecraft Legends could be the best of them all if the way it fights is changed a bit.

Minecraft Legends, an action-strategy game announced in June of this year, pits the player against the Piglins, who have set up Nether portals across the blocky world. Mojang has just released a 10-minute in-depth look at some of the game’s core systems, as opposed to the brief announcement trailer’s glimpses of gameplay. While some of the game’s mechanics appear to be surprisingly complex, Minecraft Legends’ combat appears to be disappointingly simple.

Complexity must be added to Minecraft Legends’s combat mechanisms.

The recently released Minecraft Legends gameplay reveal trailer provided fans with a comprehensive look at the majority of the game’s core mechanics. The ability to ride a mount, rally friendly animals, spawn helpful mobs, and send them into battle was demonstrated, as well as the game’s streamlined building mechanics, in which the player uses Allays to automatically construct structures using their gathered resources. Fans also got a good look at the game’s combat mechanics, which appear to be extremely straightforward.

The trailer only depicted mounted combat. Atop a regal tiger, the player engages a swarm of Piglins and their allies in combat. Based on this footage, it appears that the player only needs to press one button for their character to attack with a sword swing in a forward arc. This 10-minute trailer features only one attack animation, which is not a good sign for the final product.

The simplicity of the combat in Minecraft Legends seems at odds with the rest of the game’s strategic nature. Using their Allays to construct defensive or offensive structures, as well as commanding their mob armies to engage the enemy, it appears that the gameplay of Minecraft Legends is designed to encourage players to think strategically on the fly, while also commanding their mob armies to engage the enemy. It would be unfortunate if the game’s combat did not reflect this philosophy, instead allowing players to spam a single button to deal damage to those in front of them. Pressing a single button to repeatedly attack requires little to no thought, and while this helps keep the game accessible to action-strategy newcomers, it does not bode well for the game’s replayability.

Combat in Minecraft Legends requires more intricate mechanics, which may necessitate a rework before the game’s Spring 2023 release date. Minecraft Legends could add a variety of melee weapons, each with its own attack animations and each good against a certain type of enemy. This would make combat more interesting and complex. Also, Minecraft Legends should get ranged weapons so that players can better command their troops from the back of the battlefield. Combat in Minecraft Legends shouldn’t feel like an afterthought; it should fit in with the game’s more strategic parts.

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