Do You Know? 6 Games About Taking Pleasure in the Small Things

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Epic battles and big adventures are fun, but these works are about how happy and easy it is to live a simple life.

The best aspect of video games is that they enable players to go anywhere and do anything they desire. Someone desires to be a starship captain and save the universe. They are able to do so. Someone desires to traverse a fantasy realm filled with magic and dragons? That is also possible.

While these types of adventures are entertaining, video games are not always required to feature them. Occasionally, it is preferable to simply sit back and relax. There is great beauty in the quieter moments of our favorite books. Here are some of the best games that celebrate the small pleasures in life.

Walden: A Game

When writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau began his ambitious experiment of living in a cabin in the woods near Walden Pond, he endeavored to live life on the simplest terms possible. Walden: A Game permits players to experience this experiment. Essentially, it depicts Thoreau’s experience.

As Thoreau, players are tasked with maintaining the cabin, tending to their crops, and making occasional trips to town for supplies and odd jobs. One can magnify plants and animals to find inspiration for Thoreau’s book. It really is a matter of taking the time to observe what is already obvious.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

While the Wii was not the most powerful console at the time, Endless Ocean: Blue World is an example of the platform’s stunning visuals and a phenomenal sensory experience. As a member of L and L Diving Services, which travels to bodies of water all over the world, the user-created character explores the ocean depths.

There is a main plot, but the true appeal of this game lies in discovering the diverse wildlife that inhabits the depths. It is possible to discover all kinds of creatures, both large and small, in a wide range of shapes and hues. Numerous treasures can be discovered if one searches diligently enough.


As the new owner of the local cat café in the bright pastel world of Calico, serve the locals coffee and treats. Decorate it with a variety of furniture styles, and of course, pet the cats, dogs, raccoons, and everything! In this charming title, every day is special.

This is one of those relaxing games that can be played at the player’s leisure. Villagers are always eager to engage in conversation and assign tasks, including the Owl Club (Hoot hoot!). There are also breakdancing cats in the game. Yes, cats performing breakdancing.

Stardew Valley

If city life has become too hectic, it may be time to move to Stardew Valley’s farms for a simpler, more tranquil existence. Managing a farm entails a multitude of responsibilities, such as cultivating crops, laying down new soil, ensuring that the livestock are fed, and purchasing supplies from Pierre’s local store or JoJo Mart.

It is simple to establish a routine on a farm, creating an almost meditative experience. Creating one’s own means of subsistence is a source of immense satisfaction. The citizens of Stardew Valley have a strong sense of community, as they are eager to engage in conversation and local festivals are enjoyable to attend. Obviously, if the town is too quiet, the nearby mines provide ample opportunities for exploration and monster slaying.


Minecraft is a game that even your grandmother has heard of. The game’s brilliance lies in the fact that it is accessible to virtually everyone, but has limitless potential for those who wish to master it.

Even though creatures may emerge at night, the daytime is peaceful. The journey across the blocky landscape, populated by colorful flowers and peaceful creatures, some of which can be tamed, is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack worthy of Bob Ross himself. If survival proves to be too taxing, the creative mode allows the player to unwind and construct whatever the imagination conjures.

Animal Crossing

Since Animal Forest on the Nintendo 64, Animal Crossing games have appeared on nearly every Nintendo console. A cute rag doll character moves into a village populated by cheerful animals, beautifies the neighborhood, and runs errands for the villagers. Each game encourages players to live a peaceful and simple life in its own unique way.

The message of the Animal Crossing series is to take life as it comes, both the good and the bad. Players are encouraged to embrace misfortune. After all, what’s the fun in having everything go exactly as planned? No cosmic danger threatens the village, and there is no deadline for completing tasks. It is merely a matter of being. And because the game takes place in real time, there are many holidays, seasons, and special events that require you to be in the right place at the right time.

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