Do You Know? 4 Best Enchantments For Pickaxe in Minecraft

A quality is essential for success in Minecraft. Here are the required enchantments for the pickaxe.

The pickaxe is the player’s most reliable tool and the one they will use most frequently in Minecraft. It is best crafted with diamonds and upgraded into a Netherite pickaxe for optimal performance, making it the defining item of the sandbox survival and construction game.

Similar to every other tool in Minecraft, pickaxes can also be enchanted. However, the choice of enchantment may be difficult or confusing for players who are new to Minecraft or who have not yet experimented extensively with enchantments. Here are the best enchantments for pickaxes in Minecraft.

Silk Touch

Silk Touch

This enchantment is more of a specialized choice for players, but it is essential for those who wish to extract blocks and objects without breaking them. Silk Touch essentially prevents the disappearance of many Minecraft objects that would otherwise be destroyed by a standard pickaxe.

Silk Touch enables players to extract any block in its present state. This means that they can safely mine glass blocks, coral blocks, and even grass blocks with a pickaxe. Silk Touch is essential for builders, as they won’t waste blocks by breaking them and losing them in the process if they’re constructing something large and challenging.

Silk Touch is only available in a single variant. It does not have levels, unlike some other enchantments in the game, but players must have 30 levels before they can randomly select it from the level 3 enchantment slot on the enchanting table.



Any Minecraft player is aware that mining for resources is the most time-consuming activity in the game. Finding diamonds with a simple iron pickaxe can be time-consuming, especially after the 1.18 update of Minecraft, which introduced changes to the world generation. Currently, diamonds are most frequently discovered deep underground, where the abrasive deepslate is most prevalent. This material is difficult to extract with a standard pickaxe.

This is why Efficiency is such an excellent pickaxe enchantment. With their enchanted pickaxe, players will now be able to mine out blocks more quickly. Those concerned with strip mining and gathering resources will want to purchase this enchantment above all others, and it pairs well with other enchantments as well.

There are five tiers of efficacy. Nonetheless, Efficiency V can only be obtained by combining two Efficiency IV enchanted books on an anvil. To unlock Efficiency IV naturally, players must have 30 levels before the enchantment has a chance to appear in the level 3 slot of the enchanting table.



If a Minecraft player wants to get more resources with less work, the Fortune enchantment is their best friend. With Fortune, players can easily mine out any ore block, which will then drop more of the matching resource. This means that a single diamond ore block could potentially yield up to four diamonds instead of the standard one. That is a tremendous increase in profits.

Even with Fortune, there is a degree of random number generation involved. There is no guarantee of four drops, but the maximum number of drops increases with the player’s Fortune enchantment’s power. This is one of the most coveted enchantments, and for good reason: obtaining it early guarantees the player will become wealthy quickly.

Fortune has three levels, with each level increasing the player’s gains from mining. Fortune III, the enchantment that increases the chance of obtaining four ore pieces when mining an ore block, is what players will want to obtain as soon as possible. Be sure to have 30 levels of experience before searching for it in the level 3 slot of the enchantment table.


Both Fortune and Mending are great enchantments, but Mending has a slight edge over Fortune because it can make any Minecraft tool last longer than it did before. The idea of a pickaxe that can’t be broken is a dream come true, especially for players who have a pickaxe with many useful enchantments and don’t want to lose it.

The enchantment that will preserve pickaxes is mending. Earning XP will automatically add a small amount of durability to any tool’s durability bar. This means that players can keep their tools with Mending enchantments forever as long as they continue to earn XP.

But there is a small catch: Mending is not an enchantment that players can get from the enchanting table. It is one of the game’s enchantments that players must find in the world by trading with a villager or opening a treasure chest with an enchanted book inside.

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