Did You Know? 8 Games Bob Ross Fans Would Like

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Fans of Bob Ross would enjoy the imaginative landscapes and visually distinct graphics of these video games.

There has been no shortage of influential creatives in the art world. Bob Ross has captured the cultural zeitgeist like few others. His show “The Joy of Painting” has made him an icon of public broadcasting due to his soothing voice and awesome afro. He created tranquil outdoor landscapes with a few brushstrokes, proving that anyone could paint and that they did not need to be “blessed by Michelangelo” to do so.

Multiple video games exhibit the same ideology. They encapsulate Bob Ross’s enthusiasm for creativity and nature, as well as his life philosophies, which he imparted through his television programs. Here are a few video games that would make Bob Ross fans paint a happy little tree.

The Search Asks Why People Create

The Search is a point-and-click adventure game similar to Myst in which the protagonist explores a surreal environment and solves simple puzzles. Canvases must be stretched across obstructed doorways and painted to create an image of a cleared path in order to progress through the game’s environments.

On the journey, cryptic notes from a mysterious stranger are strewn throughout the environment, referencing the theories of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung regarding the reasons we create. They encourage listening to the inner voice that inspires one to create. Bob Ross always encouraged his viewers to paint, hoping to inspire their inner artist.

Beat the Devil Out Of Demons in Okami

Okami is synonymous with the term “cult classic.” It is an artistic masterpiece with a gorgeous visual style and inventive gameplay. When it debuted on the PlayStation 2, it did not sell as well as Capcom had hoped, but it was later released on other platforms. As the reincarnation of the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu, the mission is to battle the demon Orochi and purify the natural world.

Amaterasu uses the Celestial Brush to “beat the devil” out of her opponents, as Bob Ross would say. Ammy can slash enemies, create bombs, and even alter the passage of time. Even in combat arenas, it’s possible to spawn happy little trees. Bob Ross championed the effectiveness of the Brush, and admirers of his work will recognize this theme here.

Art School Is Like Having A Personal Trainer. Bob Ross

It would be fantastic to have a Bob Ross video game in which he guides aspiring artists through personal art tutorials. Unfortunately, there is no Bob Ross video game, so the next best option is Nintendo’s Art Academy series. The virtual artist Vince introduces his students to a variety of art supplies and demonstrates how to use them to produce increasingly intricate images.

Art Academy is founded on Bob Ross’s belief that everyone has the ability to be an artist. Anyone with no painting experience whatsoever can follow along. It is also possible to undo errors by returning to previous steps. The Art Academy series includes a Pokémon-themed game for the DS, 3DS, and Wii U platforms.

The Only Limit to Minecraft Is the Imagination

Why does Minecraft continue to appear on lists? This is due to the fact that Minecraft is everywhere. Even those who have never used a calculator have probably heard of it, and to some extent, it deserves its reputation. This vibrant, blocky world can be as relaxing or difficult as the player desires.

The game’s creative mode grants access to all available blocks and allows players to explore freely without fear of being attacked by mobs. Any fan of Bob Ross will appreciate this Zen approach to the creative process. The only limitation on what can be created is the mind itself.

Drawn To Life promotes improvising along the way.

Bob Ross’s instructional videos have always served as a guide. He provided the fundamental instructions, but left room for flexibility. There could be as many or as few trees and mountains as desired in a painting. The majority of the Drawn to Life games consist of 2D side scrollers with this premise.

Along a fairly standard platforming journey, opportunities will arise to draw platforms, vehicles, health items, and weapons, as well as to design the game’s protagonist. While the game specifies that a specific item must be drawn, any other object may be substituted. If tacos are healthier than hearts, this can be arranged. Would you rather draw Thor’s hammer than a net? That is also effective. The player is ultimately responsible for the creations.

Walden: A Game Is Filled With Delightful Little Trees

Anyone familiar with Bob Ross is aware that he cherished his “happy little trees.” It was practically obligatory for him to include at least one of them in his paintings. Typically, he would also give them a companion.

Walden: A Game is filled with cheerful little trees. Henry David Thoreau spends a year (or more) in Walden Pond, maintaining his cabin, acquiring supplies from town, and walking through the forest. The changing of the seasons is exemplified by the beautiful foliage and abundance of wildlife. The experience can be very comfortable.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Is Filled With Adorable Animals.

Bob Ross was not only a painter, but he also worked extensively with animals. A small squirrel that resided in his pocket was a common companion on his show. Anyone who enjoys Bob Ross probably appreciates his passion for planet Earth, and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is filled with adorable animals.

Alba discovers, while visiting the island where her grandparents reside, that the nature preserve will be demolished to make way for a five-star hotel. This motivates Alba to collect enough petition signatures to save the island by photographing its native animal species.

Breath Of The Wild Is An Enormous Game. Bob Ross Portrait

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is highlighted by its open world. Not only is it vast, but its ecosystems are also diverse. Forests, deserts, mountains, swamps, and even a jungle are present.

The entire game is a Bob Ross masterpiece. Numerous locations on the map resemble one of the environments he would have painted himself. The mountains of Hyrule may remind one of the mountains he painted when he discussed Alaska. According to Ross, God was in a good mood when he created Alaska.

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