Did You Know? 25 things to do in Minecraft if you’re bored

Those who have been playing Minecraft frequently and are becoming bored should try out these exciting new activities.

Now that Mojang is a subsidiary of Microsoft, new opportunities exist for a Minecraft sequel. Although the idea has been considered, Microsoft does not appear to have any plans to turn the game into a series. The Redstone torch has instead been carried by spin-off games such as Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft . However, there is no dearth of enjoyable activities to engage in while playing.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games ever. Dangerous places exist outside of mining and construction, such as the Netherworld and the End. Survival requires players to forage in order to survive an onslaught of monsters and starvation. For players who have already logged countless hours into the game and are looking for other activities, here are some amusing options for those who are bored with Minecraft and eager for new adventures.

Anastasia Maillot modified this page on 21 August 2022. The Wild Update has finally arrived, and there is a great deal for players to do in Minecraft right now. With the completion of world generation and cave modifications, as well as the addition of deep, dark cities, biomes, and the Warden, Minecraft offers an abundance of activities and obstacles to overcome. The list of things to do in Minecraft when bored has been expanded with a few suggestions for players who are still bored with the typical survival grind.

Find Ancient Relics And Create Netherite Equipment

The grind for good equipment is one of the most time-consuming in Minecraft, but it is extremely rewarding. If players haven’t yet acquired a complete set of Netherite equipment and are beginning to feel bored, they should head to the Nether and begin searching for Ancient Debris.

Note that players must first obtain diamond equipment and then upgrade their diamond set to a Netherite set. Netherite ingots require gold ingots as well, so while in the Nether, players should also be on the lookout for gold.

Build A Home In A Different Dimension

Considering the Nether, if players are tired of living in the same place and want an excuse to build again, why not make living in another dimension a challenge? They have the option of establishing a home in the Nether or traveling to the End dimension.

Sleeping in a bed in the End or the Nether will result in a violent explosion that could cause the destruction of everything nearby.

Enjoy Miniature-Game Servers

There is no need to experience Minecraft alone, as the game has a vast and vibrant community. Joining a massive multiplayer server like Hypixel is the best way to find and make new friends.

Hypixel is also a hub for numerous popular Minecraft minigames and larger game modes, such as bed wars. Players can connect to the server and explore the hub until they find something of interest.

Find Ancient Cities And The Watchman

The 1.19 update finally released the Warden to the general public, and dealing with this powerful mob presents its own unique challenge. He is even more durable than the Wither, so if players have defeated every other boss mob in the game, they face a new threat.

In addition, the new update added ancient cities and extremely dark biomes. It can be a lot of fun and a cool challenge to hunt down these structures, but players should bring their best equipment and a ton of wool to remain stealthy.

Challenge Friends To Minecraft PVP

The PVP aspect of Minecraft does not receive enough attention. There are typically dedicated servers where players engage in PVP with their own rules and meta. Anarchy servers are especially renowned for this.

However, players do not need to be ultra-aggressive with PVP in the beginning. They can simply challenge their friends to a duel or two, subject to certain restrictions and rules regarding the types of armor, enchantments, and consumables they may employ.

Locate Axolotls

Axolotls were first added to Minecraft in update 1.17, where they could spawn virtually anywhere in dark waters. However, as of patch 1.18, axolotls now only spawn in lush cave biomes that contain water. They come in a variety of hues, feed on tropical fish, and can aid players in against Guardians and Elder Guardians.

Players will need a bucket of tropical fish to breed axolotls. Since lush caves are a relatively uncommon cave biome, players will have to undertake a lengthy journey before coming across one and finding axolotls within.

Seek Out Rare Items

In Minecraft, powerful and rare items make the game much more enjoyable and easy to play. Nevertheless, these items are not exactly accessible. The Elytra is one of these, requiring the player to defeat the Ender Dragon and search the End Islands with a ship for an End City. Using fireworks, Elytras enable players to fly.

The Totem of Undying is a rare item that can be looted from Evokers. They can be defeated by raiding a village or by entering a Woodland Mansion, with the latter being more difficult to locate but providing a greater challenge and sense of adventure. Totems, when held by a player, protect them from certain demise and are consumed upon each potential demise.

Construct Below Water, In A Cave, Or On A Mountain

The majority of players will want to construct their Minecraft homes in simple, lush biomes with abundant resources. Nonetheless, if that seems too simple or monotonous, players can construct a home underwater, in a cave, or even on some of the new mountain biomes added in update 1.18.

Particularly challenging is underwater construction, which requires water-breathing potions or a conduit. However, the outcome is well worth the cost. When properly illuminated, lush caves and dripstone caves can also make for very cool Minecraft homes.

Try A Obstacle

Over the years, Minecraft players have devised a variety of innovative challenge concepts to make the game more engaging. The most notable is Skyblock, in which players begin on a small piece of suspended land next to a chest containing basic supplies. It is then their responsibility to survive and thrive.

Recently, the One-Chunk survival challenge has also become popular. The objective of this challenge is to complete as much of the game as possible without leaving the spawn chunk. Finally, players should consider attempting to speedrun Minecraft, as the game’s speedrunning community is vast and employs a variety of strategies.

Complete Achievements

Achievements and Advancements are some of the most significant milestones players can reach in Minecraft. From obtaining a complete set of Netherite armor, as mentioned previously, to using a diamond hoe until the game’s conclusion, there are a number of insane achievements that players can attempt to obtain.

In a single-player survival world, it will take a considerable amount of time to complete each and every one of these developments. This means that there are numerous activities for players to engage in.

Venture Out And Go Exploring

Many players enjoy the building and mining aspects of Minecraft, but the game thrives when played as a perilous survival experience. Prepare yourself with sturdy equipment and survival supplies before venturing out to discover dungeons, caves, mineshafts, desert and jungle temples, and more.

Simply going on a long hike for the purpose of exploration or slaying foes can be exciting, especially during the night’s more hostile conditions. It is an effective way to increase excitement and test one’s resolve. In this ever-expanding world, it is also possible to discover a large number of fantastic new landmasses. Bring a compass or construct a tall beacon as a reference point to prevent getting lost.

Create a Highway

The simple act of building a long road can be a good way to pass the time and aid in exploration, despite the fact that it may be somewhat tedious for some. Since cobblestone is abundant in Minecraft, settle on using it as the foundation and begin construction. This can provide a temporary focal point and serve as a navigational aid. It is possible to construct railroads on the surface for faster travel.

A highway of sufficient height can also serve as a wall to deter unwanted adversaries and prevent them from entering a town or safe area.

Make A Farm

The ability to plant seeds in this sandbox’s sand and dirt is an often-overlooked feature, despite the fact that this portion of the game is not as detailed as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Creating a farm and harvesting an abundance of crops requires only a few simple steps.

Create a fenced-in area of 20 to 40 blocks, then excavate several rows to serve as water canals. Use a hoe to till the soil after filling the containers with water, then right-click on the tilled soil while holding seeds. Bone meal can accelerate this process. Collect the harvest by left-clicking on the crops with the hoe. Wheat, melons, pumpkins, and even carrots can be cultivated.

Create A Cobblestone Maker

Even though cobblestone is relatively easy to find when mining and exploring the vast Minecraft caverns, it is sometimes convenient to have a ready supply on hand. A cobblestone generator can be constructed with a small pit, a bucket of lava, and a bucket of water in a few simple steps. Constant contact between the water and the lava creates an instant cobblestone block. This principle can also be applied at a higher level to generate obsidian.

This helpful guide describes in greater detail the steps required to construct this simple cobblestone device.

Try Out New Options

The new 1.18 patch includes a large number of changes to world generation that can make the game feel entirely different. In addition, players who have not yet enjoyed the summer 2021 1.17 update’s new features should create a spyglass and search for amethyst geodes.

Players can also craft candles that can be used to decorate homes and illuminate caves. Those who do not mind a few bugs can also play on the most recent snapshot to obtain the newest features instantly.

Kill the Terminator dragon

Upon entering The End, players are confronted by Minecraft’s most formidable foe. The Ender Dragon is a legendary beast that serves as the final boss in Minecraft. The Ender Dragon spews fireballs and swiftly flies throughout the region. Even in Peaceful mode, the Ender Dragon is capable of inflicting damage.

To reach this boss, players must do more than simply construct a Nether Portal. The End is comparable to the Nether in that there is no day and night cycle. Before facing the Ender Dragon, it is recommended to have diamond armor, a diamond sword, numerous potions, and golden apples.

Construct A Roller Coaster

The mining feature of Minecraft extends to mine carts. Despite being a fundamental aspect of the game, players frequently overlook it. These minecarts and rails can be transformed into a roller coaster with a little bit of creativity.

Imagine a monorail with Redstone tracks and incredibly steep ascents and descents. Custom-themed and -colored roller coasters in Minecraft can provide an experience unlike any other.

To Dig For Diamonds

It is possible to find diamonds beneath level 16, but they are more commonly discovered in layers 5-12. The most durable material for armor or a sword, and the most efficient material for mining with a pickaxe, are diamonds.

If players intend to engage in mob hunting in the Nether, they must have diamond equipment. Finding a diamond is akin to catching a fish in a sparse lake in terms of the excitement it induces. Only if players swim in a lava lake will they be burned.

Examine The Latest Upgrades

If players become bored with Minecraft, there are numerous options for expanding their horizons. The community of modders has created an abundance of mods to improve the Minecraft experience.

LOTSOMOBS puts an end to the days when chicken and squid were ubiquitous. The game’s biomes become more realistic with the addition of twenty-five creatures. At least fifteen mods make Minecraft feel completely new.

Play With Companions

Building with friends in Minecraft is highly recommended for players who are feeling bored. Playing with others allows for the development of the most intricate structures. Having a helpful friend is crucial, especially in Survival mode.

Tired of playing Minecraft and designing the same house layouts? Find a fellow villager with a vivid imagination in order to advance these designs.

Decorate A Residence

Already constructed a home that appears flawless? Think again! Whether on PC or console, Minecraft has a variety of texture packs that can improve the appearance of a house. Renovate an existing home to demonstrate your creative and architectural skills among the growing number of user-created Minecraft houses on the Internet.

Does that home have a refrigerator? There are numerous uncommon items that can be added to a home. Alternatively, you could construct a patio or a fancy storage room.

Create a City

Why limit players to designing a single house when they can create an entire city? The architecture of a single house is not nearly as rewarding as that of a city. Even if only creating the exterior of the buildings will require additional time. Many players will be deterred by the amount of time required for landscaping, so it may be best to try it in Minecraft’s Creative mode.

Choose the era the city will be based on, select the appropriate texture pack, and start building! It is important to note that a metropolitan area may take longer than a rural area.

Explore the Creative Mode

Those who have handled Survival mode for an extended period of time should be a natural in Creative mode. This creative sandbox allows players to create and destroy objects quickly and easily, preventing players from becoming bogged down in Survival.

With the entire item selection within arm’s reach, players can construct anything their imaginations can conjure in the absence of hostile mobs. This simplicity and open-ended design allows players to unleash their creativity and go to town on their creations.

Construct Redstone Devices

Redstone is a valuable resource in Minecraft for those who understand how to use it. Popular Redstone devices include automatic Redstone piston doors, super smelters that reduce wait times, and a zero-loss sugarcane farm.

Creating Redstone devices is a little more complicated than other tasks in the game. A player may also construct a dungeon farm, which is constructed around a mob spawner. Dungeon farms produce an endless supply of items without the need to kill each mob using Redstone as their propeller.

Construct a Massive Pyramid

Building a pyramid may be as exciting as watching paint dry, but that won’t stop many from doing what our ancient ancestors did. Players are able to construct a digital replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza, an epoch-defining pyramid and one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

It is recommended to construct a pyramid in Minecraft’s Creative mode unless one enjoys spending hundreds of hours working in Survival. Nonetheless, each version of a pyramid is significant and valuable. It can be quite scenic while also serving as a navigational landmark.

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