Did You Know? 14 Best Villager Trades in Minecraft

In Minecraft, trading with villagers provides easy access to rare and valuable items. Here are the game’s best trades.

In the sandbox world of Minecraft, it’s all about getting the items and tools you need to go from just surviving to thriving. While players can take the difficult route and try to find all the rare and useful items in the wild, a more efficient method is to trade with villagers for the items they need.

Villagers have a variety of occupations, which translates to a variety of trades. There are two types of trades that players should be aware of: Emerald trades, which allow players to obtain emeralds without needing to mine them in mountain biomes, and “loot” trades, which allow players to use emeralds and other items to purchase valuable items from villagers. This includes items such as Enchanted Books and maps to Woodland Mansions. Now that this has been clarified, let’s examine the best Minecraft trades.

Anastasia Maillot updated this page on 27 October 2022. It may be true that Minecraft’s trading system has not changed, but there are so many villager trades that it shouldn’t be too difficult for players to find more excellent villager trades. This list has been revised to include a handful of additional worthwhile trades. Each trade now has its corresponding level next to it (Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master, from lowest to highest), as not all trades are immediately available until the player has traded with the villager repeatedly. Consequently, some of these trades are quite lucrative, but may take longer to unlock. Here are the best villager trades in Minecraft as players anticipate the release of version 1.20.

Most trades have a set number of deals that can be made before the villager runs out of goods. Ensure that the villager has access to their job block at all times, as he or she will restock it a maximum of twice per day by interacting with it. The more a player trades, the better the prices will become, so players may notice that the prices listed here will change as villagers develop a favorable opinion of them.

– 10 Clay For 1 Emerald (Novice)

This trade with a Mason (requires a grindstone) is one of the simplest ways for beginning players to obtain Emeralds quickly. To gather clay, all that is required is a shovel and a nearby body of water, such as a river or a shallow pond. wetlands are ideal for this purpose.

Clay typically forms underwater and is most prevalent in shallower bodies of water as opposed to oceans. It can be difficult to distinguish from water when viewed from the surface, but it is easily broken with a stone shovel. Due to its ease of acquisition, it is likely one of the most sought-after trade items for beginning players, assuming the village has a Mason.

Fletcher & Leatherworker – 26 Flint For 1 Emerald (Apprentice)

The Fletcher and Leatherworker have a respectable level 2 trade that requires 26 Flint in exchange for 1 Emerald. Now, this is not an easy trade to make, especially for players who have just begun their survival world. However, players who have been in survival for an extended period of time may have an abundance of Flint in their inventory.

Otherwise, players can go shovel gravel to obtain Flint quickly and easily. Each gravel block has a chance to drop Flint, and this chance is increased if the shovel used is enchanted with Fortune.

Butcher – 10 Sweet Berries For 1 Emerald (Master)

It is unfortunate that this trade has the highest level requirement for the Butcher, as it is incredibly useful for players who spawn in a taiga biome where Sweet Berry bushes grow in abundance. Once players obtain Sweet Berries, they can quickly establish a farm due to the rapid growth rate of Sweet Berry bushes.

For only 10 Sweet Berries, one Emerald can be obtained. It is a more specialized trade because it requires a biome-specific item, but given how frequently players can spawn in a taiga, it’s not impossible. The only drawback is the high level of this profession, as leveling up a butcher requires players to trade in a large quantity of raw food that they would otherwise consume themselves.

Fisherman – 4 Pufferfish For 1 Emerald (Master)

Four Pufferfish can be exchanged for one Emerald with the Fisherman villager at Master level. Unfortunately, this trade requires a great deal of grinding. This is, by default, an excellent trade for players who fish frequently in Minecraft, as pufferfish are relatively easy to catch in any body of water that yields fish.

Good luck leveling the Fisherman to this level, however. It is certainly possible, but players will need to sacrifice food resources, such as edible fish, to get there.

Cleric – 3 Gold For 1 Emerald (Apprentice)

Clerics appear in villages that have a brewing stand. Players will typically use Clerics to trade for Emeralds, which are among the game’s most important goods.

Clerics offer an intriguing exchange for a single Emerald, requiring only 3 Gold from the player. Given that players can easily farm Gold from the Nether and that, outside of Piglin trades, Gold has little utility in Minecraft, this is a reasonable trade to make when farming Emeralds.

Mason – 12 Nether Quartz In Exchange For 1 Emerald (Expert)

The Mason will appear in every town with a stonecutter. Masons are fantastic villagers to trade with if you’re looking for unique blocks, but you’re better off ignoring their other trades in favor of this one Emerald trade.

Masons will exchange twelve Nether Quartz for one Emerald. If players are fortunate enough to encounter a Nether Wastes biome upon entering the Nether, they can mine Nether Quartz for experience and then trade it to a Mason for Emeralds.

Twenty Strings For One Emerald (Novice)

The presence of a barrel is required for fishermen to appear in a village. Their trades are somewhat more specialized, but one stands out: 20 strings for one Emerald.

This is one of the more expensive trades on this page, but players with access to a spider farm will have a significant advantage. If players come across a mineshaft with spider spawners, they should save them for a spider farm, which can be used to obtain an infinite amount of string and XP.

Fletcher – 32 Sticks For 1 Emerald (Novice)

Fletchers will spawn in a village with a fletching table, one of the few job blocks in the game that currently serves no purpose for the player. Fletchers will sell some potentially interesting special arrows, and their Emerald trade isn’t half bad either.

In Minecraft, gathering 32 sticks is relatively simple for most players, especially if they have access to a forest. Those who are surrounded by less forest can begin a tree farm early in the game and collect as much wood for this stick trade.

20 Wheat For 1 Emerald, Farmer (Novice)

The advantage of farmer villagers is that they can be found in virtually every village. Farmers must have access to a composter in order to perform their duties effectively, and these machines come with a number of advantageous features.

Their 20 wheat for 1 Emerald trade is noteworthy, as most players will likely establish massive crop farms and have a great deal of surplus wheat. Eventually, nearly every Minecraft player will be able to afford this trade, and players can even use village crops to contribute to it.

Mercantile Nomad – 5 Emeralds for 1 Nautilus Shell

A few days after leaving a village, players may occasionally encounter the Wandering Trader. The inventory of the Wandering Merchant is typically comprised of plants and rare blocks primarily intended for decoration.

Players who wish to create an underwater base and a Conduit will find his exchange of 5 Emeralds for 1 Nautilus shell extremely useful. It takes a great deal of luck to catch nautilus shells from the water, so it’s a great relief to be able to trade for them with the Wandering Trader.

14 Emeralds & Compass For Woodland Mansion Map (Journeyman)

The Woodland Mansion map is another extremely rare item that players should trade for. It can be found in the Cartographer’s inventory after he has leveled up with a few traders. The first map he offers actually leads to an Ocean Monument, which can also be a good trade. However, these underwater dungeons are much easier to find naturally than Woodland Mansions, so it is advised to save Emeralds for the second trade.

For this trade, players will need 14 Emeralds and a compass. Even though the map will indicate the closest Woodland Mansion, players should not expect a quick journey. Occasionally, these structures are over 10,000 blocks away, making it nearly impossible to reach them quickly from the Overworld. By traversing the Nether in the rough direction of the Mansion, players can reduce their travel time if they can find a safe passage.

15 Coal For 1 Emerald – Armorer/Weaponsmith/Toolmaker (Novice)

There are three villagers that players must visit for the best Emerald trades in Minecraft: the Armorer (blast furnace required), the Weaponsmith (smithing table required), and the Toolsmith (grindstone required).

Their level 1 basic trade of 15 Coal for 1 Emerald is by far the best trade in the game for players seeking to acquire more Emeralds in order to afford other trades. The good news is that there are three villagers with the same profession, so players can simply craft the necessary job blocks and assign them to villagers in a village that lacks all three of these jobs.

Armorer, Weaponsmith, and Toolmaker – 4 Iron for 1 Emerald (Apprentice)

Once the player has completed enough trades with the three previously mentioned villagers, a new trade will become available that is also quite interesting but more expensive. Four Iron ingots can be exchanged for one Emerald at an Armorer, Weaponsmith, or Toolsmith.

Some may argue that this is a terrible trade, as the value and utility of iron will increase in the endgame once diamonds become abundant due to enchantments such as Fortune III. However, iron is incredibly easy to cultivate while diamond remains uncultivable. Players can establish an iron golem farm to obtain all of the iron required for this useful Emerald trade.

Librarian – 5-64 Emeralds And Book In Exchange For One

Enchanted Book (Novice)

Despite the importance of Emerald trades to Minecraft players, they are not the best in the game. As long as a lectern is present in a village, the most important villager to trade with is the Librarian. Librarians specialize in Enchanted Books, and at level 1, they are able to trade any enchantment or level.

This trade’s price can vary widely, even reaching 64 Emeralds. However, players can re-roll this trade by breaking and replacing the lectern until they find a satisfactory trade. This is the only reliable way to obtain Mending, the game’s rarest enchantment.

Minecraft is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and a variety of additional platforms.

Several of the included images were extracted from the game using the Faithless resource pack.

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