Desert Mobs that Could Join Camels in Minecraft 1.20

The upcoming 1.20 update of Minecraft is expected to add a number of exciting features, including camels, along with a variety of other mobs.

Desert Mobs that Could Join Camels in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft has been around for more than a decade, having been released in full for the first time in 2011, and in that time there have been numerous updates that continue to expand the game. Over the past eleven years, Minecraft has received 17 major updates, each of which has added a large number of new blocks, , mobs, and biomes. Even though Minecraft’s 1.20 update will be delayed until 2022, it seems likely that the wait will be worthwhile.

A few weeks ago, Mojang held its Minecraft Live event and teased its future projects. Along with showing how Minecraft Legends will be played, the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update was also shown in great detail. The 1.20 update of Minecraft is expected to add bamboo wood, new signpost and bookshelf blocks, and new creator tool features. The most exciting announcement, however, was that Minecraft 1.20 will update the desert biome by adding new blocks and mobs, such as camels. But Mojang shouldn’t stop there; plenty of other desert-dwelling animals would make excellent Minecraft mobs.

Other Desert Creatures That Might Be Added to Minecraft 1.20

While Minecraft’s 1.20 update will add the fan-requested Sniffer as a new hostile mob, it will also introduce camels as a new passive mob type. The primary function of these camels is to transport the player and their possessions, acting essentially as a horse variant. However, unlike horses, camels will not be able to wear armor, but they will have their own unique benefits. Players will not need a saddle to ride camels, and they have a dash ability that propels them 12 blocks forward and can be used in mid-air.

Camels are an excellent addition to Minecraft, and their inclusion could pave the way for other desert-dwelling animals. Some of the most iconic desert flora and fauna are also quite dangerous, which would allow for more aggressive enemy mobs. Snakes and are the most logical additions, with rattlesnakes and hairy scorpions serving as real-world examples from which Mojang could draw inspiration. Snakes and scorpions, capable of hiding in tall grass and launching themselves at the player for a light jumpscare, would be a welcome addition to Minecraft’s spookier mobs. Coyotes would also work well as aggressive mobs, although their behavior would be too similar to that of wolves.

On the friendly side of things, Minecraft has plenty of inspiration from non-threatening desert animals. The ability of meerkats to burrow into the ground and peek out with their cute, pixelated eyes makes them one of the cutest options. Giant tortoises slowly lumbering throughout Minecraft’s redesigned desert biome would also be a cute addition. The players would be able to calmly observe the dung beetles as they roll the ball across the dune.

The addition of new wildlife to Minecraft’s desert biome could open the door to new gameplay mechanics. For example, since many snakes and scorpions in the desert are poisonous, players may have to use what’s around them to make an antidote if they get bitten. Even though they are a bit morbid, tortoise shells, snake skins, and meerkat furs are all possible new materials that could be made when new animals appear. This would also result in more types of cooking ingredients, which could be used to create new dishes.

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