Copper Ore in Minecraft Could Bring on the Bronze Age

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Copper could be added to Minecraft soon, which could lead to a Bronze Age update with tools and weapons that last longer than iron.

Copper Ore in Minecraft Could Bring on the Bronze Age

Minecraft is a game that provides its players with complete freedom, allowing them to explore the world, construct anything they can imagine, and defend themselves against hostile mobs, all while following a progression that leads to other dimensions. While players are free to play as they see fit, the progression of Minecraft is heavily dependent on the ores they are able to mine. One of the most recent additions to the game was copper, which has proven to be a popular building block, but may also indicate an upcoming update.

Copper is rapidly becoming an essential ore in Minecraft, especially given the frequency with which updates alter the functionality of certain objects. However, Mojang may take copper one step further and usher in a new era for Minecraft players. Copper can be used as a stepping stone to acquire bronze, an ore that is more durable than copper and has been used in countless mods. Since bronze is more durable than pure iron, it may function similarly in Minecraft, meaning that players will need to progress from iron to bronze tools before reaching diamonds.

Obtaining Bronze

Bronze could be an important ore in Minecraft because it would make early-game mining much simpler and increase copper’s utility. In the majority of mods that include bronze, players must first find copper and tin and then combine them to create a bronze ingot. Mojang should do the same, and given its history of incorporating mod content directly, it is possible that Minecraft will receive a Bronze Age update in the future.

Obviously, Mojang could have players collect bronze from their world in other ways than by combining copper and tin. Bronze could be like any other ore, naturally occurring in caves and mountains for players to discover. However, the addition of tin and the requirement to combine it with copper could be the better option, adding another level of progression and making the acquisition of bronze somewhat more difficult.

Employs of Bronze

Similar to iron and diamonds, bronze will likely be used to create tools, weapons, and armor that the player can employ to construct, kill, and defend themselves. Bronze is more durable than iron, and in the numerous mods of Minecraft that include the ore, bronze tools are a significant improvement over iron ones. This means that after acquiring iron tools, players will need to find bronze, and diamond ore may require a bronze pickaxe in order to be mined.

In Minecraft mods such as Mekanism, bronze is a crucial part of the ore progression and includes many new tools, such as the paxel, which can be used to mine trees and blocks as well as attack mobs. Bronze could also be used to create new items, such as musical instruments that could assist players in luring Wardens or even music CDs. There are countless uses for bronze in Minecraft, and adding this resource could allow players to create a variety of new mid-game tools and weapons.

Copper has proven to be a useful ore for players. It is not required for ore progression, but it is important for building and exploring because it can be used to make spyglasses and stop lights from setting buildings on fire. This would change with the Bronze tier, which would focus more on giving players more reliable mining tools and weapons and maybe even adding new items and tools to the game. It is possible that bronze will be the next ore added to Minecraft, giving players even more to do in the worlds that Mojang continues to expand and enhance.

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