[Complete Guide] The Wondrous Foods and Picnics of Paldea

Visit Paldea and indulge in all the delicacies the region has to offer. There is something for everyone’s tastes, from paella to takoyaki, whether you’re picnicking or dining out. Mealtime, on the other hand, is a physically powerful experience for Trainers and their Pokémon. Certain confer special benefits known as “meal powers,” so you should never explore while hungry.

Meal Capacity to Go

Meal Powers such as Catching Power, Egg Power, Encounter Power, Exp. Point Power, Humungo Power, Item Drop Power, Raid Power, and Teensy Power can be obtained by eating food purchased from vendors or eating sandwiches at a picnic. They are generally self-explanatory; if you’re looking for valuable Tera Shards, for instance, consuming a meal that grants Raid Power will increase the rewards you receive from winning Tera Raid Battles! A single meal can grant multiple Meal Powers, but you can only benefit from one at a time, so choose your food wisely and stack as many useful effects as possible.

Organizing a Picnic

Clearly, food is an integral part of Paldean culture, and one of the best ways to enjoy a meal with friends and Pokémon is to have a picnic in the great outdoors! When you need a break from your adventures, set up a table, make some sandwiches, and spend time with your team. You might even find a Pokémon Egg when you’re done having fun. You will also be able to customize your picnic table and acquire picnic supplies as your journey progresses. Remember that you’ll only be able to use your Picnic Set in areas where your Pokémon can run around freely.

Sandwich Artistry

Some claim that the potential between two slices of bread is limitless. Along your journey, you will have the opportunity to purchase picnic ingredients, and not just lettuce and bread! The ingredients you choose for your sandwiches have a direct impact on the types of Meal Powers you will obtain. As you progress through your Treasure Hunt, you will unlock a plethora of sandwich recipes that will allow you to create culinary masterpieces and experience the magic of Meal Powers!

In real life, making sandwiches is a relatively simple task, but while picnicking in Paldea, you should put on your game face. Whether you’re working on a solo sub or teaming up with friends to pile condiments onto a giant baguette, you will stack ingredients in a fun minigame in an attempt to create the sandwich! There is a greater chance that your sandwich will reach its full potential and bestow more potent Meal Powers if you make it with friends.

Combining Pokémon and Housework

Pokémon enjoy eating sandwiches and socializing, but they also enjoy playing. During your picnics, you will be able to toss a ball with your teammates and spend quality time with them outside of battle. One of the best ways to strengthen your team is to strengthen the bonds between Trainer and Pokémon, so keep an eye on their happiness and play with them during picnics. Keep this in mind during your adventures, as some Pokémon evolve after you’ve strengthened their friendship.

It’s only natural that you and your Pokémon will get a little dirty while exploring the Paldea wilderness, and there’s no better way to clean up than by giving your Pokémon a good scrub. Washing your Pokémon will restore their HP and cure them of any status ailments. However, be careful where you wash, as some Pokémon dislike being scrubbed everywhere, or even being washed at all! Keep your Pokémon clean and healthy, and always be prepared for battle.

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