[Complete Guide] How to Restart in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can restart their game to play from the beginning or manipulate certain events.

How to Restart

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, like every other mainline Pokemon game, requires players to make a crucial choice right away. Obviously, the player must choose which Paldea starter Pokemon will be their companion. Will I lose the DLC if I restart Pokemon Sword? There is a great deal to learn about each of these Pokemon that players simply do not know at the beginning of the game, and sometimes trainers choose to restart their game in order to choose a different starter Pokemon. There are additional reasons to restart a game, so regardless of the reason, the following steps will allow players to restart their game. pokemon scarlet reset game.

These instructions are for people who want to start over from scratch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players who want to reset their game to a previous save or something similar should not follow the steps below, as they will lose their entire save file and have to start over.

How to Restart Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet save files are linked to the player’s Nintendo Switch account. As a result, restarting the game from the beginning is not accomplished through an in-game menu, but rather through the Switch’s system settings. From the Switch’s home screen, navigate to “System Settings.” Select “Data Management” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Finally, select Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and press “Delete Save Data” to delete the save data associated with a Switch account. The next time that account user launches the game, it will begin as if they had never played it before. how to restart pokemon scarlet.

This is an extreme option, and some players may wonder how they can restart the game without losing all their progress. To accomplish this, it is best to create a new Nintendo Switch profile. Due to the fact that each profile can have a game save, players will be able to begin a new game without losing all of their progress from their original save. This is a much safer choice, especially if players aren’t sure if they want to start the game over from the beginning. Pokemon Scarlet Save Reset

These are the only two ways to restart Scarlet and Violet, unfortunately. There is currently no option to have multiple save files on a single account, but longtime Pokemon fans should not be surprised. It’s not clear if this feature will be added to the game or to future versions, but it seems unlikely. how to restart pokemon violet.

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