[Complete Guide] How To Farm Iron in Minecraft

Obtaining iron in Minecraft is one of the most crucial objectives in survival mode. Here is how to create a simple for it.

The objective of a survival game like Minecraft is to collect as many resources as possible in order to survive in its world. This includes constructing a farm that generates items at a consistent rate, so that the player never has to hunt for them again.

Iron farms are one of the more common Minecraft factories created in survival. To gather iron, players must ensure that iron golems spawn at a sufficient rate. Individually combating these creatures may be a part of the solution, but it is preferable to create a system that does this on its own.

Construct A For The Farm

Iron farms must be constructed eight blocks above the ground to prevent the spawning of golems. Players should use building blocks to construct a box of a suitable size for villagers to inhabit. This area must contain two space blocks for villagers to enter, but not enough for golems.

The golems should spawn on top of the villager box once the farm begins. This is where water should be placed to push iron golems towards their death, along with fences or walls to prevent golems or water from escaping. Hoppers and chests should be used to collect their drops, and plenty of them should be utilized if the farm is exceptionally productive.

Gather Villagers

Obtaining the cooperation of hordes is the most difficult aspect of any farm. Fortunately, only villagers are required for an iron farm to function, and they are not difficult to corral. The objective is to locate a village and collect civilians by placing boats for them to board.

From there, players could ride a villager’s boat to the farm and attempt to use a mine cart to transport the villagers into the box. The objective is to get five villagers into the box, either by transporting them all or by breeding a pair. It is essential to note that there should be beds for both breeding and spawning iron golems in there.

Zombies Might Increase Production

As stated previously, only villagers are required for an iron farm to function. However, there are a variety of strategies that players can employ to obtain one that is extremely effective. Using a zombie to frighten, but not kill, the villagers is one of the more complex concepts available.

The player may construct a pod a few blocks away from the villagers, but it cannot reach them. If villagers make eye contact with a zombie, they will wriggle until more golems are created. Finding a zombie is simple, but players must shield it from the sun (with a shield or helmet) and name it to prevent it from despawning.

Establish A Method For Killing Golems

With the majority of the structure constructed, players will need to devise the most efficient means of killing a golem. There are several options available on this front. One strategy is to make the iron golems’ water path end in a pit from which they will fall to their deaths.

Alternately, lava can be placed a few blocks above the hoppers so that the hoppers’ feet touch the lava, but they still die. Players can levitate lava using wooden signs (which do not burn), allowing items to drop without being consumed. Other techniques include simply punching them after a severe fall or cacti.

Prevent The Farm From Falling Apart

It’s nice to have the farm set up and ready to function, but there is always the possibility that something will go wrong and the farm will require maintenance. After constructing the structure, one of the first steps should be to illuminate everything. Golems do not require darkness to spawn; therefore, do not risk the spawning of destructive mobs.

Iron golems could also become entangled on ledges or see something that prevents them from proceeding along the water path. Ensure that all obstacles are removed, such as by replacing blocks with walls or removing a zombie that the golem is unnecessarily targeting.

Create An AFK Space

Players will want to be present while their farm is operating, but it is difficult to simply stare at the screen while waiting to collect a large reward. Building and maintaining a farm should therefore prioritize the construction of a mob-proof enclosure.

Some AFK locations may only need a lit room with a bed. However, if the farm only operates during the day, as is the case with some farms, players may want to consider implementing a system that allows them to sleep automatically when night falls.

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