Codes for the Roblox Training Simulator (September 2022)

Codes for the Roblox Training Simulator (September 2022)

Codes for the Roblox Training Simulator

Cadlem’s Training Simulator is a workout simulator game in which players use various exercise equipment to increase their strength. There are multiple worlds for players to explore, and they can test their strength by engaging in combat with other players. While performing all of these actions, players can collect pets to accompany them on their journey to increase their strength. Additionally, players who wish to be competitive can train intensively in an effort to place on the leaderboards.

Below is a list of all active and expired codes, as well as instructions on how to redeem them.

Codes for Training Simulators

Roblox players seeking Training Simulator bonuses can use the following active codes. Be sure to redeem these codes as quickly as possible, as they expire at random intervals. Each account can only redeem a code once. Check back frequently, as codes may be made available at any time.

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Codes checked September 23, 2022. With the most recent patch, there is now a training area where players are immune to damage from other players. This eliminates the possibility of players being killed while exercising.

Weight260 Active – Redeem for 400 Strength and 390
240ktriceps – Unrestricted Power & Crystals
230 – Unrestricted Power & Crystals
190ktriceps – Free Strength and Crystals 210 – Free Strength and Crystals
lavarise3 – Lava Hound Pet

100muscles – Free Strength & Crystals lift

60k – Free Fortification and Crystals 40muscles – Free Power and Crystals
30 to 700 Vitality and 300 Crystals
20 thousand triceps – 300 Strength and 140 Crystals lift
10,000 – Complimentary Rewards lift – Free Rewards
RELEASEDAY – Evil Angel Pet

How To Redeem Codes Within The Training Simulator

There are a few straightforward steps to follow when redeeming codes in Training Simulator, which are outlined below. Check to see if the code was entered correctly if a code does not work for whatever reason. If the code continues to be invalid, it may have recently expired or been redeemed.

Launch Training Simulator
Click the Codes Gift Box Icon on the screen’s right side.
Enter a code from our active list and click the Confirm button.

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