Best Ways How To Build A Conduit in Minecraft Beginner’s Guide

The Conduit and its frame are a powerful underwater tool in Minecraft. Here is the recipe.

Minecraft is a game that is always changing, and with those changes come new and interesting ways to play. In the 1.13 Aquatic , players got both the Heart of the Sea and the Conduit, a unique item with special properties.

However, in true Minecraft fashion, the game does not instruct the player on how to utilize each item. The conduit is particularly difficult because there are no instructions on how to use or activate it. With the proper tools, players can transform this simple Minecraft item into a powerful beacon-like object that allows them to breathe underwater.

What Is A Conduit?

A Conduit is an item used in a Conduit frame, which players can create underwater to grant themselves powerful buffs in the form of the Conduit Power status effect while in water. In Minecraft, conduits not only improve underwater visibility, but also allow the player to breathe normally while underwater. Therefore, anyone planning to construct an underwater base will require a Conduit if they do not wish to invest heavily in Potions of Water Breathing.

The Conduit will also attack hostile mobs in its vicinity, making it an excellent way to defend an underwater base from Drowned foes. As the area of effect is spherical, its maximum range can reach up to 96 , depending on the side.

Crafting A Conduit And Its Shell

The Conduit is merely an item, a simple block constructed from eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea in the center of the crafting interface. Once a player obtains this block, it is ineffective until a frame is constructed for it.

The frame of the Conduit is a slightly more complicated construction. For it to function, players must construct it from prismarine blocks, which can be mined from Ocean Temples. Create a five-block-wide X-shaped pattern on the ground to get started.

On top of the X-shape, apply the first layer of prismarine. Add one block to each end of the X, followed by a complete line of blocks around the entire shape, one block above the original pattern on the ground.

Then, simply mirror the lower layer by adding a block to each end of the X-shape and connecting them into a second X at the top. The players should end up with something resembling a prismarine cage.

Place one block of any type in the interior. This is a placeholder block that will allow the conduit to be placed within its frame. Then, simply destroy the obstruction, and the Conduit should become active. The Conduit emits the sound of a beating heart and has its own hovering animation when players are nearby.

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