Best Custom Tactics Ultimate Team in FIFA 23 Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

In FIFA 23, custom tactics are frequently the deciding factor between victory and defeat. These are the most effective custom strategies for winning in Ultimate Team.

Custom tactics ultimate team in fifa 23
Custom tactics ultimate team in fifa 23

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, custom tactics are more essential than ever. Winning without a well-thought-out custom tactic setup is harder than ever. They can drastically alter a team’s performance during the game and are frequently the difference between victory and defeat. Utilizing each player’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for ascending the ranks and achieving success in FUT Champions.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, depending on the game situation, a player can switch between five different tactical setups. This guide provides the most effective custom strategies for each game scenario. Whether a team has a razor-thin lead, is trying to win in the last second, or is somewhere in between, these custom strategies used by professional players will help them win games if they are used correctly.

Extremely Defensive

Formation: 5-1-5-1
Balanced defensive style with 45 width and 65 depth

Balanced build-up, direct chance creation with 45 degree width
Position of players: four on players in the box, one on corners, and one on free kicks.
If properly configured, the 5-2-1-2 formation is the best defensive formation in the game. While 5-at-the-back formations are typically frowned upon, this formation allows for a solid defensive core with a threat of counterattack. Which is ideal for maintaining a narrow lead and closing out a close match.

The following are the player instructions; if a player or instruction option is not mentioned, leave it at its default value.

Join the attack and overlap runs, RWB and LWB.
Each CM: Remain at a distance while attacking and cover the middle
CAM: Continue Forward
The 3 central defenders are protected by the 2 central midfielders in these custom tactics, resulting in a very solid, difficult-to-break-down defensive core. Look to the wingbacks to circumvent the opposition’s press and advance the ball upfield. Try to maintain possession and play the ball into the attacking midfielder to create opportunities. Then, quick attackers can punish opponents who are too far up the pitch. The primary focus, however, is utilizing a tight defense to stop the opposition and maintain a lead in order to win the game.


Arrangement: 4-2-2-2

Balanced defensive style with 45 width and 45 depth
Balanced, direct chance creation with 60 inches of width
4 on players inside the box, 2 on corners, and 2 on free kicks.
In many previous FIFA games, the 4-2-2-2 formation has been dominant, and this year is no different. A rigid back four protected by two central defensive midfielders creates a solid defensive core. However, the two central attacking midfielders can create opportunities for the two strikers by finding pockets of space in the opponent’s defense.

The following are the player instructions; if a player or instruction option is not mentioned, leave it at its default value.

LB and RB: Remain in the rear, overlapping runs
One CDM: Cut passing lanes, attack from behind, and cover the center.
Other CDM: Reduce passing lanes and protect the center
RAM and LAM: Return to the defensive line and enter the box for crosses.
STs: get behind, remain central, and remain forward
This formation is optimal for teams seeking to defend a lead or withstand opponent pressure. Having one CDM with defensive instructions and the other more balanced enables a swift transition from defense to offense. This formation is optimal for teams with quick attackers who wish to penetrate the defensive zone. When necessary, both attacking midfielders will return to the defense to create a 4-4-2 defensive structure, but when given the opportunity, they will quickly attack.

Note that the balanced custom tactic is not included in this guide because it relies on the team’s formation and has restrictions as a result. The four available alternatives provide an abundance of strategic adaptations.


Arrangement: 4-3-2-1

Balanced defensive style with 44 width and 64 depth
Balanced buildup, direct chance creation with 56 width; offensive style
Position of players: five in the box, two on corners, and two on free kicks.
The 4-3-2-1 formation is a great, well-rounded attacking option in FIFA 23; if played correctly, it can lead to midfield dominance and game control. Utilize short, swift passes between the three midfielders to maintain possession. It has little bearing on the best players, as all midfielders are able to execute simple short passes. This setup is ideal for putting pressure on an opponent early on in a match. It is a naturally narrow formation, so the 56 width provides a bit of space while capitalizing on its strengths.

The following are the player instructions; if a player or instruction option is not mentioned, leave it at its default value.

LB and RB: Remain at the back of the attack and overlap
CM and RCM: Stay back while attacking, cover center
Cover wing LCM
RW: Return to defense
Maintain Central
CW: Remain Central
With these custom defensive strategies, the 4-3-2-1 formation defends similarly to a 4-4-2 formation. The LCM covers the left side and functions as an LM without the ball, while the RW performs the same function on the opposite side. This provides a robust defense, with the midfield protecting the back four. However, the offense comes alive when the three forwards play off the midfielders. Consider using short, swift passes to penetrate the opponent’s defense while maintaining the ability to handle a counterattack.

Ultra Attacking

Formation: 4-2-4

Constant Pressure with 50 width and 80 depth is the defensive style.
Quick build-up play, direct chance creation, and a 50-yard width define an offensive style.
Positioning of players: seven on players in the box, four on players in the box, and four on free kicks.
The 4-2-4 formation is FIFA 23’s most aggressive formation. This is most effective when chasing a goal in the dying moments of a game. Use it only when chasing a late equalizer or winner, as it exposes the defense by throwing all players forward. However, it puts pressure on an opponent, who will require a formidable defense to counter such an offensive emphasis.

The following are the player instructions; if a player or instruction option is not mentioned, leave it at its default value.

Join the attack with overlapping runs, LB and RB.
Both LW and RW: Enter the box
Each ST: Stay in the middle, move to the rear, and stay in front
This formation is naturally so attack-oriented that it does not require many attack-focused instructions. Always look for forward passes, but do not over-commit and lose possession of the ball when the defense is exposed. Attacking fullbacks with wingers creates overloads on the flanks that can be exploited to create countless opportunities. The forwards will look to make runs and will be very direct in their approach to the goal. The two midfielders must remain in the center of the field to increase passing space and opportunities. If played correctly, this formation will result in goals, making it ideal for when players are in need of a goal.

FIFA 23 is accessible on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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