Beginner’s Guide Easy Ways How to Speed Up Windows 10

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2022)

Every Computer and laptop’s users want to get speed performance for their devices. There are many ways to boost computer like to setup power settings or disabling programs which run on start up and so on. As figure out on this video below which will help you to fast understanding and this article will expand more comprehensive how to speed up computer. Boosting pc performance can be use by upgrading computer’s hardware’s such as upgrading Processor, RAM, Hard disk can boost computer performance while use for to do multi-tasking computer still run fastly without lagging issue.

Beginner’s Guide Easy Ways How to Speed Up Windows 10

Upgrading hardware’s and updating software’s has a big impact for PC performance. This way used for offline section but if we would like to go online internet connection hold important things.

Let’s start from offline section.

Upgrading RAM

By adding more RAM to your PC can increase performance. Check your RAM how many Gigabytes you use for your PC. If you run your PC only use RAM less than 4 GB and you want to use your PC to play a game and the result your PC will run slowly while you play the game. Except you play the game which require a RAM less than 4 GB but normally game for PC needs less than 6 GB RAM.


Changing Hard Drive to Solid State Drive (SSD). A startup solid-state drive (SSD) can go a long way toward relieving some of the burden on the processor when your computer boots up if you want greater performance. A starting drive can significantly improve the speed and smoothness of these apps if you frequently run multiple programs at once or use photo and video editing tools.

SSDs are most frequently installed on desktop computers, but some laptop models can also use them.
If having an internal SSD is not an option for you, you may always buy an external drive that connects to your PC using USB 3.0. This drive can provide you with the extra push you need to complete activities as soon as your computer starts up, as well as a boost for apps that require more temporary memory to function effectively.

Depending on how you use your PC, you can discover a number of SSD alternatives that fit within your budget. If you want to get the best drive for your computer and you need to know if it is compatible with your operating system, storage review websites on the internet may be a great resource of knowledge.

Speed Up Computer through Software

Operating System (OS) is a software we used to operate a system in our computer. To boost speed on computer is necessary to setup OS to run more quickly while we do multi-tasking jobs.

  1. Make a computer an obscure

Start to disabling transparency in Start Menu, Taskbar and Action Center. How to make a computer an obscure following steps below:

  • Right click on Desktop, Select Personalize tab.
Right click select personalize
  • On left sidebar, navigate to Colors scroll-down and Find Start, Taskbar and Action Center.
Uncheck Tick box Start, taskbar, and action center

2. Setup Visual Effects

By setting up visual effects can also boost PC performance. How to do this. Follow the instructions below:

  • On windows search type Advanced System Settings and click on it
advanced system settings
  • Next, click on settings button.
advanced settings on system property
  • On performance options Page, select on adjust for best performance option. to get the result by automatic uncheck-mark such as animate, fade or slide, show shadows, translucent and so on.
Adjust for best performance
  • Next, click Apply and OK button.

3. Disable programs running on startup

If your PC bootup more longer than usual because of installing a lot of programs that run on startup. you need to disable all of the program unwanted running on startup. How to disable the programs running on startup. by the following steps below:

  • Right click on Taskbar space, Navigate to Task Manager, tap on it
Right click on taskbar select Task Manager
  • On Task Manager screen, select startup on tab menu, than disabling the programs which running on your startup. Example: disable all program except Anti-Virus cause i need anti-virus run on startup and backgorund.
Task Manager Startup

4. Use Troubleshooter

Windows 10 built-in troubleshooter to help users fast to find and fix the problems might be impacting to your PC’s speed. How to open troubleshooter on windows 10. to open in following these steps below:

  • On search Windows 10 type troubleshoot and click on troubleshoot settings.
Troubleshoot settings
  • On troubleshoot settings check view troubleshooting history and additional troubleshooters. if you find something that might be slowdown your computer you able to fix it. Alternatively, click on Using fix-it tools in Windows.

5. Setup Boot Menu

To speed up PC performance reducing boot menu time as one of method to boost computer most faster like Start Windows in Safe Mode. How to setup Boot Time? follow the steps below:

  • On Windows search type advanced system settings and click it
advanced system settings
  • On system properties, navigate to startup and recovery click on settings button to setup time to boot
Startup and Recovery
  • On startup and recovery screen, under system startup, change time to display list from 30 to 10 second, than click apply and ok button.

6. Turn Off Tipping

By turning off tipping on windows 10 also can boost performance of your PC. How to turning off tipping for tips and tricks on Windows 10? To disable tipping follow these steps below:

  • On Windows search type Notifications and Actions settings, click on link Notifications and Actions settings.
notifications and actions settings
  • On notifications and actions settings page, uncheck tick box get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows.
uncheck tick box get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows.

7. Disk Cleanup

To clean up space on hard drive as one solutions to speed up PC performance. by using Windows utility to free up such as temporary files, junk and installers filling the space of your hard drive. How to clean up temporary files, installers and junks from hard disk? to free up by following these instructions below:

  • On windows search type Disk Cleanup, Click on Disk Cleanup link.
Disk Cleanup App
  • Select the drive you want to cleanup.
drive selection
  • Check Tick Box to free up space on Drive C by clicking on ok button. Afterward, appear notification prompt like are you sure want to delete temporary files? click on delete button.
Disk Cleanup Drive C

8. Uninstall a program no longer need

Check your installing programs might be a program that you don’t need any longer or a program that you install because suggestion appear in the middle while installing program. Or suspicious program installed on your computer. How to remove the programs that you do not need any longer? Well, to uninstall unwanted, no needed program by following these steps below:

  • Go a head on Start Menu, Find Gear Icon or settings, click on it.
Start menu settings
  • On settings page, Select Apps option, click it to open app lists.
Select app no longer need
  • Select unneeded, unwanted, suspicious app by clicking on it, than appear uninstall button to remove app from computer.
uninstall app

9. Power Option

To gain good performance of PC by selecting best power plan also might be speed up PC performance. for recommendation select balanced power plan for your PC or laptop. How to select balanced power plan follow these steps below:

  • On search Windows type power you will be get the result Power & sleep settings, then click on it.
Power & sleep settings
  • On power & sleep settings, select additional power settings on the right section of your screen.
additional power settings
  • On power option page select power plan balanced to balance performance with energy consumption of capable hardware.
balanced (recommended)

10. Restart PC

Why we need to restart our PC? cause when restarting PC will free up memory and stop any unwanted app might be taken huge capacity of resources of your computer. Restarting and shutting down both are had a distinguish affect for PC. Shutdown is affected by fast Startup and Restart is not affected by Fast Startup.


To speed up PC, its recommend to upgrade hardware on PC especially for RAM and SSD and another way by updating or setting up the software by the following the methods above. I hope by watching the video and reading an article in this post guide you a clear solution to solve the issue heading due to slowing PC performance. If you think the video and article help you to rid off the problems please help us to share this article to another. sharing is caring and we highly appreciate small good action witch big impact for another people. thank you very much, see you for next article guidance. if you had any question and suggestion please don’t be hesitate to leave a comment below.

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