Before completing any of the main story goals, a player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet catches more than 350 Pokemon.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

A free-roaming player decides to fully embrace the open-world gameplay of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, coming close to completing their Pokedex.

Before completing any of the main story goals, a player in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet catches more than 350 Pokemon

One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player caught over 350 Pokémon, bringing them close to completing the Paldea Pokedex, without completing a single main story mission in the new games. This endeavor demonstrates that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are open-world RPGs from the very beginning, which is arguably the greatest selling point of Game Freak’s latest pair of role-playing games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which were released last week, represent a significant departure for mainline Pokemon games, most notably as a result of Game Freak’s decision to replace the series’ traditionally linear overworld design with a truly open world and exploration-focused gameplay similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This evolution of the long-running franchise also posed significant technical difficulties, as evidenced by the wide range of performance issues currently plaguing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Nonetheless, the vast majority of critics praised the game’s new gameplay mechanics and the immense amount of player freedom they enable.

One Reddit user identified as mysario has decided to fully commit to this exploration-focused gameplay, capturing 355 pocket monsters without advancing the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet storylines. Earlier today, the player took to social media to share their accomplishment, stating that it required no trading but limited their team composition. Specifically, without gym badges, the only way for them to have a powerful team was to train one from the bottom up. It has been a staple of the series since the 1990s that high-level creatures disobey battle orders unless they are traded or captured.

Due to the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature a total of 400 Pokemon, this free-roaming fan was able to complete approximately 90 percent of their Pokedex before beginning the story quests. The player has returned to the three main storylines and is in the process of completing them in order to obtain the remainder of the Pokedex.

The aforementioned technical issues stemming from Game Freak’s adoption of open-world gameplay are largely responsible for the fact that Scarlet and Violet are among the lowest-rated Pokemon games of all time. The decision to incorporate key elements from Pokemon Legends: Arceus into the new mainline installments has been praised by fans and critics for its potential. There is little doubt that the upcoming Pokemon games will continue this open-world formula, but it remains to be seen if Game Freak can improve its execution.

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