Bamboo wood in Minecraft 1.20 makes room for other creative types of wood.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Fans of Minecraft hope that the addition of bamboo wood in update 1.20 will pave the way for other unconventional concepts.

The new bamboo wood type is one of the most important parts of Minecraft’s 1.20 update. Some fans think it will lead to the addition of wood types that were never thought of before. Inspired by the real-world use of bamboo as a wood substitute due to its rapid growth and durability, bamboo wood in Minecraft will not only provide players with a readily available building material but also new forms of decorative blocks. However, since bamboo is not a type of tree, players are hopeful that other unique wood types will be added to the game.

Mojang appears to be on a roll with adding new wood types to Minecraft, what with bamboo and mangrove trees, especially when compared to the drought between versions 1.8 and 1.16, when red and warped fungi were added. Some hope that, as a result of bamboo’s update, additional wood types, particularly those not associated with a brand-new tree species, are on the horizon. These new wood types could be derived from alterations to the existing Minecraft plants, or they could be inspired by other real-world examples, such as bamboo.

Changes to the Azalea Trees

Since their addition in update 1.17, azalea trees have been the subject of fan debate, as they are technically their own tree type but only produce oak logs. Instead, Minecraft players can find azaleas or flowering azaleas and grow their own trees using bone meal, but these trees are primarily regarded as decorative. As azaleas can naturally regenerate above lush cave biomes, they may be most useful for guiding players to these biomes and sparing them from endless mining.

Given the relative rarity of azaleas, both in terms of how they generate and how players can “farm” their own azaleas, many fans have criticized Mojang for failing to include a new azalea wood type. Not only would an azalea wood type be popular with players who seek out rarer, more difficult-to-obtain Minecraft blocks for their constructions, but a new shade and style of wood could have similarly expanded players’ creative potential. Some mods, for instance, have introduced an azalea wood type that is slightly pink, similar to the red hue of crimson wood.

Alterations to Chorus Plants

Since the 1.9 Combat Update, The End has remained largely unchanged, prompting many fans to demand a Minecraft End update. The majority of fan suggestions for this update range from improved fauna and flora to entirely new structures; however, a change to the Chorus Plants could be worth considering, despite being antithetical to the End’s purpose in Minecraft. While chorus fruit can be used to create purpur building blocks, the plants themselves can also be used to create a new, unique material known as “chorus wood.”

Chorus plants are similar to bamboo in that they can be cut down, and chorus plant blocks already exist in Minecraft despite being unavailable in Survival. This could be changed by Mojang so that these plant blocks can be collected and used to craft chorus wood. Similar to azalea’s rarity, this would appeal to players seeking rare building blocks, while also providing a new wood type that possibly matches or complements the lilac color of purpur blocks. The new species of wood could even enhance the overall design of End cities and vessels.

Utilizations of Random Wood

One of the greatest annoyances for Minecraft players is having leftover blocks or resources after building or crafting something. In Minecraft, where players are constantly inventing new storage methods and attempting to optimize their structures, having a handful of leftover building blocks can be frustrating, as they either go to waste or take up valuable space. Mojang could capitalize on this by allowing players to use up their random wood blocks, as wood is one of the most commonly used blocks in Minecraft, from the initial starter base to the grandest of headquarters.

Real-world plywood, whose history is rooted in using up less expensive wood types and combining them in layers, could provide inspiration for this. Not only was this inexpensive, but it also proved to be durable, which is why plywood is still used today. Mojang could add “plywood planks” as a craftable wood type that requires four random logs or planks and represents multiple of Minecraft’s wood types in a single block. This not only adds a new use for random wood, but also a new building block for structures with a rustic aesthetic.

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