Assimilation: How to add an enemy player to your team in Warzone 2

As one of the more shocking new additions to Warzone 2, players can now join the opposing team during . The following explains how the mechanic works.

Assimilation: How to add an enemy player to your team in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 introduced a brand-new map in Al Mazrah, a variety of new weapons, playlists, and much more. Nonetheless, it also marked the introduction of brand-new features, such as the Assimilation mechanism.

Now, for the first time in Call of Duty’s history, players can switch teams in the middle of a match. Nothing is off-limits, whether you join a formidable team in pursuit of victory or a lone player joins your trio after their squad is wiped out.

If you’re curious about how the Assimilation feature in Warzone 2 operates, we’ve got you covered right here with all the information you need.

The new Assimilation feature of Warzone 2 is described.

The Assimilation feature cannot be used beyond the standard team size in classic Warzone playlists. To add a new player to your team in the trios mode, for instance, you must be a member of a duo. You cannot exceed the three-person maximum for your team.

However, when things become truly wild, the Unhinged playlist comes into play. Here, you can expand your team beyond the norm and to unprecedented levels. By assimilating other players and recruiting them to your team, you can expand your squad to a maximum of six members.

How to add a foe to your Warzone 2 team

If you’re curious about the process, adding new players to your team in Warzone 2 couldn’t be simpler. It is merely a matter of being nearby and navigating the Ping menu. From there, you can either invite an enemy player or accept an invitation from another player.

How to add players to your own team or join another squad in Warzone 2 is detailed below.

  • Press and hold the Ping button to access the Ping menu.
  • Look for the option to “Invite” or “Join” a nearby enemy squad.
  • Select ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ if an opposing team invites you to join them.
  • If you invite another player, they will be prompted to accept or decline the invitation.

    So, this concludes the discussion. In a matter of seconds, you can begin working with new teammates or add a new player to your roster. Especially in the Unhinged modes, it’s likely to become quite chaotic, so be sure to double-check who your allies and enemies are in Warzone 2.

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