Amethyst shards need to be used in Minecraft more often.

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2022)

Amethyst is one of the many items in Minecraft that can only be used in a small number of specific ways.

Amethyst shards

In recent years, Minecraft updates have added a great deal of content, from frogs in swamps to the new Deep Dark biome, but not everything that Mojang adds is worthwhile. For example, copper has been somewhat disappointing in Minecraft. While oxidizing copper blocks offer some interesting construction options, copper ingots are only used in a few crafting recipes for specialized items. Copper has been added to Minecraft in creative ways by fans for years, so it’s a bit disappointing that the official version does so little. Amethyst is another currently underutilized Minecraft item.

Amethyst fragments were introduced in Caves and Cliffs Part 1, a Minecraft update in which amethyst geodes were a major selling point. Geodes are a worthy addition to the game, as they provide players with an assortment of unique decorative blocks and a pleasant surprise when exploring caves. However, amethyst has very few uses at present. Given the importance of crafting in Minecraft, it seems wasteful not to provide amethyst with more unique applications. Mojang could implement amethyst in a number of different ways, such as by introducing new crafting recipes or modifying other Minecraft mechanics.

The Future of Amethyst in Minecraft


There are currently only three crafting recipes that call for amethyst. The spyglass in Minecraft is one of them; while it’s a fun and unique tool, it’s ultimately more of a luxury than a necessity, and since players only need one amethyst to craft one, the gemstone doesn’t gain much from the relationship. Amethyst can also be used to create decorative amethyst blocks, which serve no other function. Tinted glass is arguably the most impressive amethyst recipe in Minecraft due to its ability to manipulate light levels, but like spyglasses, it is more of a charming luxury than a consistently useful recipe.

Amethyst shards currently have very few uses, which is unfortunate considering how many uses Mojang has devised for the game’s other minerals and gems. Diamonds in Minecraft are self-explanatory, and emeralds are the foundation of Minecraft’s villager trades, which opens the door to an abundance of enticing resources. Even gold is a valuable resource in Minecraft due to its use in netherite and redstone applications. Amethyst should be ranked alongside these versatile materials, especially since geodes are relatively easy to locate. If Mojang is to put amethyst in the hands of players, it must give them more reasons to care about it.

The most obvious way to make amethyst more useful is to craft recipes. As an example, it could imitate lapis lazuli’s uses in Minecraft by becoming a new dye ingredient, offering players a new shade of light purple. That would immediately significantly expand amethyst’s use as a decorative material. Mojang could also draw inspiration from ancient gemstone beliefs to create entirely new items. Ancient Greeks believed, for instance, that amethyst could prevent intoxication; therefore, Mojang could consider adding an amethyst accessory or armor item that reduces the duration of negative status effects.

In addition to new crafting recipes, amethyst could be incorporated into one of the game’s other systems. Mojang could make it a second currency for trading in Minecraft, a new resource for enchanting tables, or an extra item for strengthening items on a smithing table. Mojang must make amethyst more relevant to Minecraft players in some way. As beautiful as geodes can be, their limited utility gives players little reason to collect it. Copper and nautilus shells are two things in Minecraft that can be used in specific ways. Amethyst should be removed from this category.

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