All Purple Stake Locations to Open Grasswither Shrine and Catch Wo-Chien in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

The region of Paldea is riddled with mysterious stakes; here’s how to locate the purple ones to unlock Wo-Chien.

There are more than thirty mysterious stakes scattered throughout the Paldea region. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are four sets of colored stakes, and by collecting each set, players can face up to four Legendary Pokemon.

This guide will instruct Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players on how to locate all eight Purple Stakes in order to access the Grasswither Shrine and encounter the Grass/Dark-type, Wo-Chien.

These Purple Stakes are located in the south/southeast region of the Paldea map and can be collected in any order. If players do not fully upgrade their Ride Pokemon by completing the Titan Pokemon missions, it can be difficult to reach all of the objectives. We advise completing at least four of the five Titans prior to acquiring the eight purple stakes.

Purple Stake 1

This Purple Stake can be found at the top of a waterfall on a mountain not far from the Poco Path Lighthouse and Los Platos (East) Pokemon Center. Its location on the map and its actual location in the Paldea region are depicted in the image above.

Purple Stake 2

This Purple Stake is located on a relatively low cliff east of the Los Platos (East) Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 3

Ascend the highest peak to the east of the Mesagoza (South) Pokemon Center. It is located in South Province Area 5.

Purple Stake 4

This Purple Stake can be found on a cliff just above the location of the Grasswither Shrine. Examine the coastline to the south of the South Province (Area 5) Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 5

Just south of the Mesagoza East Gate, on the top of a cliff by the river’s edge, you will find the location.

Purple Stake 6

This Purple Stake is situated atop a mountain northeast of Mesagoza (East Gate). It is also west of the Pokémon Center for the South Province (Area Three).

Purple Stake 7

We were able to get close to this stake by leaping off the South Province (Area Three) Watchtower and flying north.

Purple Stake 8

Look atop the cliff immediately adjacent to the Artazon (West) Pokemon Center.

What Occurs When Every Stake Is Pulled?

After removing all eight purple stakes from the ground, players will hear a mysterious cry emanating from a shrine. Wo-Chien is located at the Grasswither Shrine, which is the source of the noise.

Where is Grassswither Shrine located?

The Shrine is tucked away in the southeast corner of the Paldea region, in South Province (Area One). Check out the image below for a specific location:

Wo-Chien Combat

Upon reaching the shrine, players will encounter Wo-Chien, a legendary Pokémon. The Pokemon is a Grass/Dark type with a level of 60, so be sure to bring a powerful team and plenty of Ultra Balls.

These maneuvers are in Wo-arsenal: Chien’s

Unfair Play (Dark-type move that deals 95 base damage)
Giga Drain (Sucks life from the opponent and heals itself)
Power Whip (Grass-type attack that inflicts 120 damage) Ruination (Inflicts damage equal to half the target’s current life)

If players black out and lose to Wo-Chien, they can return to the shrine to fight it again, though it appears they will have to wait some time.

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