All in-game trades with NPCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can trade with NPCs to get certain Pokemon much sooner than they would be able to get them otherwise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues the long-standing tradition of in-game trades, in which a Pokemon is traded with a non-player character in exchange for a specific Pokemon. Despite the fact that in-game trades are often overlooked, these games offer players the opportunity to obtain certain Pokemon much earlier than would normally be possible, and one Pokemon form is even locked behind an in-game trade. There are currently three NPCs that offer to trade with the player regardless of whether they chose to purchase Scarlet or Violet, and the trades offered are identical in both cases.

The players of Pokemon Scarlet and can still trade with one another, but the three trades listed here can only be made once per save file with specific NPCs found throughout Paldea. They always request the same Pokemon and return a Pokemon with predetermined gender, nature, level, etc.

All In-Game NPC Transactions

The first in-game trade can be found in Cortondo, one of the initial Pokemon cities. Follow the main road to find a young child with a yellow speech bubble containing the word “Flabébé.” This NPC allows players to exchange a Flabébé (in any form) for a Snom. The fact that Snom cannot be captured until much later and Flabébé is found in the first area makes this trade extremely worthwhile. The Snom in question is a male level 10 creature with the Shield Dust ability and a Rash nature.

The second in-game trade is located near the fountain in Cascarrafa. Again, watch out for trainers with yellow speech bubbles that read “Paldean Wooper.” This trainer will explain that they have captured a Wooper from a different region, and will ask for a Paldean Wooper in exchange for a Johtonian Wooper. This male, level 18 Johtonian Wooper has the Damp ability and an impish nature. Notably, this is the only way in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to obtain a Johtonian Wooper.

The third in-game trade is located in the Battle Court of Levincia. The players will encounter a second trainer with a yellow speech bubble requesting Pincurchin. In exchange for a Pincurchin from a trainer, players will receive a Haunter. However, players who are familiar with Gastly’s evolution line will recognize that trading Haunter evolves it into Gengar, and the same is true in this trade. This Haunter is male, level 25, has the Levitate ability and the Brave nature, and upon completion of the trade, it will immediately into Gengar.

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