Aaron Rodgers was hurt, so Jordan Love took over as quarterback for the Packers.

The Green Bay offense scored 30 points against a very good defense for only the second time this season. Unfortunately, the Packers defense was incapable of stopping or even stifling the ’ run game.

At this point, with a record of 4-8, the Packers’ playoff hopes are likely all but extinguished.

As I do following every Packers game, here are my immediate observations regarding their performance. I’m sure we’ve all been wondering if the Packers would make the switch to Jordan Love once they are eliminated from playoff contention this season. Aaron Rodgers had been playing with a thumb injury, but his most recent injury may leave Green Bay with few options.

– It was a small sample size, but Love appeared confident, executing his progressions, extending plays, and making some impressive throws. An encouraging showing.

Granted, the Eagles’ offense renders many defenses ineffective, but my goodness, the Packers were completely unprepared. Did they realize that the Eagles are a heavy running team? Green Bay did not have a response to Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts. Sanders possessed enormous running lanes between the tackles, while the edge rushers continued to set poor edges, which Hurts exploited. Occasionally, Quay Walker was employed as a spy, but either his abilities were insufficient or he was ineffective.

In addition, it’s not as if Green Bay slowed down the passing game. Additionally, the Packers’ cornerbacks, particularly Rasul Douglas, and safeties performed poorly.

Green Bay’s missed tackles have increased. A great number of missed tackles.

Third downs on both offense and defense were terrible. The defense did a good job of creating several third-and-long situations, but it didn’t matter much because the offense couldn’t get off the field.

Joe Barry was not impressive, but neither were the other players.

Darnell Savage left the game early due to a foot injury, but prior to that he was not a starter. In the Packers’ nickel formation, Keisean Nixon lined up in the slot behind Adrian Amos and Rudy Ford.

– Only Savage and Tariq Carpenter are under contract for the Packers in 2023, but you can pencil in Ford after he forced another fumble. He was recruited to play on special teams, but he has also been a solid defender.

During the first six minutes of the game, the Packers’ offense, defense, and special teams all appeared to be completely disorganized. Green Bay deserves credit for continuing to fight and keeping this game close. It would have been very simple to simply yield.

– Justin Hollins, who was claimed off waivers on Wednesday, made an impressive debut with a tackle for loss, a sack, and a pressure. He has already outperformed Jonathan Garvin and La’Darius Hamilton.

– As I predicted prior to the game, the Packers’ best chance for offensive success would begin with their running game, and we saw that transpire. Without Jordan Davis, the Eagles’ run defense has been susceptible as of late, and the Packers were able to create ample running lanes for Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon. Early on, this helped set the stage for passing game success.

Green Bay was significantly more effective out of two running back sets than they were earlier in the season. Jones and Dillon were also utilized more frequently in the passing game.

– AJ Dillon had his best game of the season by a wide margin. He appeared considerably more ferocious than we’ve seen all year.

– According to Rob Demovsky, the Packers’ defense has allowed 60 points in the final two minutes before halftime this season. The most in NFL history.

– The Eagles entered the game as the best team in the NFL at forcing turnovers, as evidenced by their two interceptions of Aaron Rodgers.

– There are a few hiccups here and there, but Christian Watson continues to make enormous strides as a playmaker right before our eyes. His speed changes the game.

– It appears that the Packers may have found a return specialist in Keisean Nixon, who brings serious dynamism to the position.

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