A Spooky Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glitch Depicts a Group of T-Posing Students

As a response to a Pokemon and Violet fan finding another funny but scary bug, a group of students do the T-Pose.

A fan of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games found another funny bug that makes a group of students do the “T-pose” near the beginning of the game. This isn’t the first that people have found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it’s not even the strangest, since the game had a lot of technical problems when it came out and people were unhappy about it.

Fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have laughed hysterically at bugs causing Pokemon and NPC characters to vanish at random and shrieked in terror as their player character temporarily transforms into a horrifying eldritch monster. Sadly, the Generation 9 games have shipped with a quality that falls far short of the majority’s expectations, with performance issues, bugs, and crashes hindering many players’ enjoyment. Thankfully, however, the majority of technical glitches typically encountered by players do not have a significant impact on gameplay, instead allowing many players to share a laugh over an unexpected moment.

A good example of such a moment is a clip that the user 0arnold01 put on TikTok. It depicts a scene near the beginning of Scarlet and Violet in which a large group of students gathers outside the school. During a short break in the middle of the scene, all non-player characters stand up and strike the T-pose while looking straight at the camera.

It is unknown how frequently this glitch occurs during the scene, but the NPCs’ brief T-Posing while staring at the players has a chilling effect. Still, random and unexpected things like this are likely to make most players laugh, and social media sites like Reddit and Twitter are full of clips like this one. Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have seen a lot of funny things, like a Psyduck popping up in the middle of a cutscene out of nowhere.

Not all fans find the new games’ bugs to be as amusing as others do. It would be an understatement to say that many Scarlet and Violet players are unhappy with the games as they are now. The combination of performance problems and bugs has led to a Pokemon game that some say is the least polished in the series’ history. While many fans have already sought refunds, others continue to hold out hope that Game Freak will release a much-needed patch within the next few weeks.

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