A player of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes a hilariously mean self-portrait

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a camera mode for taking selfies, and one user seizes the opportunity to take a photo that is both extremely humorous and cruel.

The jury is still out on whether the pros of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet outweigh the game’s flaws, but that hasn’t stopped players from enjoying the many smaller features added to the new generation, such as the hilarious new camera mode. Some players gave back their copies of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet because they were frustrated, while others are enjoying the new generation of pocket monsters and going on new adventures.

People who have kept playing the games have found ways to have fun that go beyond filling out their Pokedex or collecting badges. For some, the new camera mode of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has facilitated the sharing of humorous—aand occasionally cruel—mmoments.

Nyathena, a Reddit user, talked about their own experience in a sandy area of one of these games. After defeating a younger trainer, this Pokemon master decided to pose for a selfie with their Rotom Phone, flashing a peace sign and smiling broadly. The photo’s energy, however, was anything but tranquil, as the young trainer in the background appears dejected after losing a battle and giving up their allowance. Trainer battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are completely optional for the first time in the series’ history, so all of this could have been avoided.

While some Reddit users were saddened by the child’s loss, others were quick to point out that the Pokemon world is a cutthroat one, and it may be time to hone their abilities. Even though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lack regional variants, there is still a vast world to explore and discover new and exciting ways to build a competitive team. Many players have used the camera in the game to take pictures of their Pokemon friends at picnics and after memorable battles. They have also used the camera to make fun of a defeated opponent.

Even three days after the game came out, people are still finding new and fun ways to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, while others like to break the game. Recently, popular streamer Disguised Toast called the graphics of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet “zero effort,” saying that the game’s limited graphics and frame rate problems were unacceptable while he was streaming it. It’s hard to argue against his criticisms because most of the community agrees with them, but it’s nice to see people who can still enjoy the game’s fun parts and use tools that can lead to funny moments.

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