A Painting Rework Should Join the New Signs and Bookshelves in Minecraft 1.20

An update for paintings would be a great addition to the upcoming 1.20 update for Minecraft, which will add a great deal of new decor and customization options.

A Painting Rework Should Join the New Signs and in

With the release of the 1.20 update, it was once again confirmed that the very popular sandbox game Minecraft will be around for a long time. By adding a fresh batch of brand-new content to the established game, it appears that Mojang will be able to expand the game’s additional content indefinitely.

Even though the 1.20 update improves a lot of Minecraft’s game mechanics, it’s not a secret that a lot of the new content is focused on making decorating more creative. In light of this, it seems irresponsible that the update has no plans to update the popular Minecraft paintings, which have been unchanged for some time.

What Will the Minecraft 1.20 Update Bring?

The Minecraft 1.20 update, also known as the Jungle Update, is scheduled to be released in January 2023. In keeping with the jungle theme, the 1.20 update will introduce bamboo as a new type of woodblock. It will be one of the first new woodblock types added to the game in some time. In a first for any type of wood in Minecraft, these bamboo woodblocks can be crafted into decorative mosaic blocks, further emphasizing the update’s emphasis on decoration.

The 1.20 update will also include hanging signs and chiseled bookshelves, the latter of which will allow players to manually store enchanted books within them, giving a previously mostly decorative block a practical purpose. The 1.20 patch will also add camels as a large mob type, allowing up to two players to mount and ride them beyond the reach of other mobs. As there is still some time before the update’s official release, there are still portions of its content that have not been disclosed, leading to the expected amount of speculation among fans.

The Potential to Redesign Paintings in Minecraft’s 1.20 Update

Paintings have long been an integral part of the decorative aspect of Minecraft’s gameplay, with many players believing that a home is incomplete without a variety of the game’s 26 different-sized paintings covering the walls. Despite this, the state of paintings has remained unchanged for a considerable amount of time, with a level of overfamiliarity and monotony beginning to form around them as a game mechanic.

With this in mind, the upcoming 1.20 update’s emphasis on aesthetics would be the ideal launching pad for a much-needed overhaul of Minecraft’s painting system. Apart from the obvious addition of simply adding more paintings to the game’s collection, fans would be much more receptive to a more direct and interactive implementation. If the game were to add craftable easels, a revamp of Minecraft’s painting system could allow players to create their own works of art in the same pixelated style as the game’s existing paintings.

This would speak volumes to the emphasis on creativity that has made Minecraft so popular over the years, while also enhancing the frequently cited therapeutic qualities of the game. Considering the importance of paintings in Minecraft for instilling a sense of homeliness and decor, adding such an engaging level of mechanics and customization to them would undoubtedly be well received by players. Given the similarities between this and upcoming additions such as hanging signs and customizable bookshelves, the January release of Minecraft’s 1.20 update would do well to implement a similar overhaul of the game’s paintings.

Minecraft is currently accessible on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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