A Minecraft fan made a 3D-printed bee that looks great and is based on the game.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Bees are one of the many mobs found in Minecraft, and one player decides to 3D-print a real-life version of the mob.

A Minecraft fan made a 3D-printed bee that looks great and is based on the game.

Minecraft is one of the biggest gaming universes because it has procedurally generated environments full of interesting mobs for players to find. In fact, as Mojang has continued to add new creatures to Minecraft through updates, these worlds have become even more alive over time. Bees are among the animals that have been added to the game in previous updates.

Bees are neutral mobs that can be found in a variety of Minecraft biomes, such as the Meadow and Sunflower plains, after their introduction in a 2019 update. In addition to their adorable appearance, these winged creatures serve a purpose for players by producing honeycombs and honey bottles when used with beehives or bee nests. One fan recently decided to create fan art in homage to this adorable in-game creature.

In a post, a Reddit user named Jemand Etwas showed a photo of a 3D-printed object that had just been made. Even though gamers often print their favorite characters in 3D, this piece of art was impressive because it looked like a Minecraft bee. In the picture, the 3D-printed horde had a lot of the same looks as its in-game counterpart. In addition to its brown banding, the bee had a yellowish coloration. It also had two antennae, six small legs, and two sets of white wings. To complete the piece, the artist mounted the bee on a small stand, giving the impression that it was flying.

Since posting this incredible bee artwork to Reddit, numerous Minecraft community members have expressed their admiration for the artist’s work. In fact, more than 1,700 users have already upvoted the post, and a number of them have commented on the 3D-printed design. Unsurprisingly, a number of users remarked on the bee’s adorable appearance, with one gamer expressing a desire to keep one on their desk. In addition, a number of players desired the print files so they could test the design for themselves.

Intriguingly, this is not the only artwork recently created by players that features bees from Minecraft. In addition to this 3D-printed recreation of the insect, another gamer decided to create a LEGO version of a Minecraft bee, which, given the proportions of the original model, turned out to be quite fitting. As gamers continue to play Minecraft in the coming weeks, it will be fascinating to see what other online artworks feature the neutral mob.

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