A funny Scarlet and Violet Pokemon bug makes the eyes of the characters pop out of their heads.

Fans share yet another bizarre glitch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on social media, this time a bug that causes players’ eyes to .

A funny Scarlet and Violet Pokemon bug makes the eyes of the characters pop out of their heads.

A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet uploaded a video showing yet another funny glitch. This one makes a player model’s eyes stick out a few inches from their heads. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the latest games in a popular series, have been out for almost a week, but fans keep finding new and stranger bugs with each passing day.

In the past week, the new Generation 9 games have been the focus of much of the gaming community for negative reasons. At this point, it should come as no surprise that Scarlet and Violet launched in a state that has garnered a great deal of criticism from players, releasing with poor graphic quality, numerous performance issues, and numerous bugs. On the bright side, many of the game’s bugs have been more comical than game-breaking, so many fans have enjoyed laughing at clips of the bugs posted on social media.

A recent Twitter post provides a clip of a truly hilarious – and somewhat disturbing – glitch that causes the eyes of a player model to periodically protrude several inches from their face. This strange occurrence continued even as the player moved about, almost giving the impression that they were scanning the area for items. The video gained a great deal of traction on Twitter, with the original clip amassing nearly 3 million views in the days since it was posted on the platform. No one knows what caused this funny bug in the first place, but many Pokemon players find it funny even though they can’t make it happen again.

Despite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s numerous flaws, many fans have expressed that they are enjoying their travels through the Paldea region more than they anticipated, given the frame rate drops and occasional crashes. Some players have gone so far as to claim that the new titles are their new favorites in the entire series, indicating that Game Freak is doing a good job of leading the franchise down new paths despite the fact that the games’ technical aspects are not up to par.

To bring out the best in the Pokemon series, the developers still have a ways to go, as evidenced by the fans’ outrage over the games’ poor technical quality. While it is still unclear what plans The Pokemon Company has in store for the next few years, fans demand that precautions be taken to ensure that Pokemon games are never again released in this state.

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