7 most popular recurring characters in video games in Pokemon

Even though the characters in the games change all the time, some of them have been in more than one game.

The Pokémon games have always prioritized limiting the number of recurring characters. The expansive Pokémon universe has been designed so that few characters will appear in a completely different region in a game other than the one in which they are introduced.

Over time, however, there have been so many games and even more spin-offs and side adventures that at least a few characters have reappeared. Whether they are almost random characters or significant faces that fans will remember, Pokémon games have featured a number of memorable recurring characters.


In the original Pokémon games, Blue is the initial adversary of the player character Red. While he is portrayed as arrogant, conceited, and a villain throughout the initial game, it appears that his defeat at the hands of Red altered his character. However, despite his quick loss to Red, he was Pokémon League Champion for a brief time and thus was able to secure a favorable position for the future.

Blue reappears in Pokémon Gold & Silver as the new leader of the Viridian City gym, rather than as league champion or a member of the Elite Four. He succeeded Giovanni in this position, and the player must defeat him and his diverse Pokémon in order to obtain a gym badge. Eventually, he also appears in the Pokémon Championship Tournament and the Alola Battle Tree, having outgrown his childish petulance.

Bruno, an original member of the Elite Four from the first generation of Pokémon games, is a recognizable face for fans of the original Pokémon games. Bruno, who appeared as the second of the Elite Four in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, was always a difficult opponent due to the powerful Machamp he used to end battles.

Bruno is renowned for his passion for island-hopping with his Pokémon. Although he appears in later games as a member of the Elite Four, he also appears in various spas and is a foe in the first two Pokémon Stadium games. He is always accompanied in battle by his formidable Machamp, regardless of the Pokémon he has chosen along the way.


Cynthia is regarded as possibly the most travel-obsessed character in the entirety of the Pokémon universe, a peculiar character who keeps popping up everywhere. She travels the globe investigating Pokémon legends and myths, attempting to discover the origins of the most legendary Pokémon.

After being introduced in Pokémon Pearl and the other games of the fourth generation, she reappeared in the Sinjoh Ruins in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. She then appeared in Undella Town in Black and White, in the champion’s tournament in Black and White 2, and in Pokémon Sun and Moon more recently.


Koga was a gym leader in Pokémon Red and Blue, making him another character from the very first games. His proficiency with Pokémon of the poison type made him an incredibly frustrating opponent. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, however, his daughter Janine succeeds him as the leader of the same gym.

Koga has advanced in the world and is now a member of this generation’s Elite Four. While he hasn’t been seen much recently, Koga’s second appearance is a memorable battle with a ninja master style, and he presents the player with an incredible challenge as they progress through the Elite Four.


Misty, the gym leader of Cerulean City and one of the most memorable water-type teams in any Pokémon game due to her appearances in the Pokémon anime, is one of the most recognizable characters in any Pokémon game due to her appearances in the Pokémon anime. She is one of the few characters who appears to age and develop over the course of the games.

Misty reappears as the gym leader in Pokémon Gold & Silver, but she has aged and appears to have continued her training to become a true master after being encountered in Pokémon Red & Blue. Misty’s development is reminiscent of reuniting with an old friend, as most other characters have remained relatively unchanged since their introduction.


Lance is another original Elite Four member from the first generation of video games. He is the fourth and final member of the group the player must battle before facing the Pokémon champion when first encountered. Lance is one of the few trainers in the Pokémon world who has a Dragon-type Pokémon. This is because Dragon-type Pokémon are notoriously hard to catch and train.

Lance reappeared in Pokémon Silver and Gold as the new Pokémon League Champion following Red’s departure to pursue his education. Lance is an additional trainer who reappears in Black and White 2 as part of the Champions Tournament. He is typically gracious in defeat and a proud dragon trainer who adores his charges.


After relinquishing his position as Pokémon League Champion, the original player character from the first generation of games may no longer be the player character, but he ages and continues his studies. Since winning the Pokémon League, he has made numerous appearances, including as the final battle in Pokémon Silver & Gold and many other games.

As a participant in the champion tournament in Pokémon Stadium 2, he is in the Battle Tree in Pokémon Sun and Moon with Blue. Red has been one of the most consistent, well-known, and interesting characters in the Pokémon video game series, and he’s likely to keep showing up.

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