7 Best PC Programs & Mobile Apps for Editing Video

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Are you seeking for new tools if you work in video creation or perhaps run a YouTube channel? Check out our selection of the top video editing software and mobile apps to find effective options for all platforms! Check out the list, which includes both paid and free options!

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the most feature-rich apps for editing videos is Adobe Premiere. Although not being very easy and having several advanced capabilities you may expect from an Adobe tool, it is advised for experts in the industry.

Users of Premiere can modify audio, video, crop content, and even employ Adobe After Effects effects. Although it’s not free, more experienced users will find it worthwhile. Visit the company’s website!

2. iMovie

iMovie app for iOS

The default video editing software for Apple devices is called iMovie. It is highly practical and easy to use, and is advised even for people with little prior experience. You may edit your videos with iMovie to add cuts, transition effects, change the audio, and much more. Visit the program page now.

3. Corel VideoStudio

Videostudio Pro Corel

Due to the high caliber of VideoStudio, Corel isn’t far behind when it comes to video editing. It offers all the capabilities and tools required to produce videos that are genuinely professional and high-quality. Additionally, it offers 360° VR recordings or 4K films. Did you think it was fascinating? Access by clicking the link!

4. Filmora

Filmora Wondershare

The professional video editing and production tool from Wondershare is called Filmora. Access to its special effects store, where users may get various kinds of filters or animations for their movies, is its main advantage. Additionally, the FilmoraGo app makes Filmora accessible to Android smartphone users. Visit the official website to learn more!!

5. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

The top software programs on the list, such Adobe Premiere Pro, can be compared to PowerDirector. The best feature is that it has an extremely user-friendly interface, which makes the application less terrifying for new users. It was among the first to offer 4K videos, and currently 360o VR videos can also be played on it. Visit the web page!

6. Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

The ideal instrument for bringing your imaginative ideas to life and distributing them to the world is Movavi Video Editor Plus. Keyframe animation, additional effects, and pre-made intros will make your videos pop. Apply Chroma Key to your clips to quickly change the background to any image you like. Try the updated user interface of the program; it’s so simple that there are no lessons required. You may take advantage of blazing-fast file processing and rendering with this video editor for PCs.

Every tool in Movavi Video Editor Plus is located exactly where you would expect it to be. It will thus only take you 20 minutes to become expert in this movie editor and begin editing like a pro, even if you have never attempted to edit videos on a PC before. Try out the free video editing software from Movavi; you’ll make a movie you can be proud of.

7. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro

Cinematic mode and Object Tracker.
Use the Object Tracker to improve your creative abilities. When detecting faces and other objects, Final Cut Pro uses strong machine learning to link their movement to titles and effects. You may also change the depth of field and focus points on videos shot with the iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode.

creativity is dynamic.
Use the Object Tracker to color-correct or add dynamic text to moving pictures. To use advanced machine learning to identify faces and other things, drag a title, graphic, or effect directly into the viewer. With just one click, quickly analyze your target’s movements, which is expedited by the Apple Neural Engine, and mimic it. Use tracking information on additional content and graphics to improve your work even more.

the pinnacle of cinematic impact.
On an iPhone 13.1, Final Cut Pro can change the look of video shot in Cinematic mode. You may select focus locations in a shot and alter them as the shot develops according to the innovative click-to-track feature. The depth-of-field effect of a clip can also be modified using a slider in the inspector, or the level of blur in previously recorded content can be adjusted using keyframes.

What do you think of our selection of applications and programs for editing videos?
Have you used or known any of these before? Did you find this post while looking for editors to enhance your videos? Enjoy and learn about our list of the top video and file compressors available for free online!

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