6 Tips & Tricks to get started in Evil West

Evil West, the new Western-themed supernatural shooter from Flying Wild Hog, can be a challenging game at times. After all, you’re fighting hordes of vampires, werewolves, and other mutated creatures with nothing but your wits and as many guns as you can fit in your chaps. Later in the game, there are some tough fights, and you’ll need to use all of Jesse Rentier’s powerful weapons to win. But it is also a game about exploring and making plans, since there are so many ways to play and secrets to find.

We’ve compiled six tips for Evil West to help you get a head start in the early game and persevere through the later, more difficult challenges. Saddle up, cowboy, and let’s go hunting!

Exploit weaknesses

Every enemy in Evil West, from the weakest Familiar to the most dangerous Highborn, has its own vulnerabilities. Others will indicate an upcoming ranged attack or buff with a series of glowing rings that Jesse’s aim will automatically snap to. It is not necessary to hit these to kill them, but doing so expedites the process and blocks incoming attacks. If in doubt, target the weak spots.

Save your Gauntlet’s Vitality

The Lightning Gauntlet of Jesse is quite devastating, useful for stunning foes, closing gaps quickly, and chaining multiple ticks of damage. However, its Supercharge mode requires four fully charged batteries, so you will frequently need to conserve power. Some Perks and weapon upgrades cause defeated foes to drop Energy, but in tougher battles it is best to conserve this resource by utilizing Jesse’s vast arsenal of guns and explosives.

Manage the crowd

However, the vast majority of encounters involve multiple enemy types simultaneously. Leaping Nagals that evade your bullets, charging Exploders, enormous beefy ticks with shields or clubs, and flying mutant wasps that shield other foes. Crowd control is essential and even possible without expending Gauntlet energy. The Crippling Rod has a lengthy cooldown, but it stuns all nearby enemies, including bosses, giving you time to heal or deal free damage. Later on, you’ll have dynamite, while the enhanced Boomstick deals damage over time to nearby foes. In a pinch, the Flamethrower can also deal massive damage to grouped enemies. And when you have no other option, the ground-slam ability of the Gauntlet will grant you quick breathing room.

Improve your weapons

Furthermore, applying the Lightning ability to your weapons makes them incredibly potent. You’ll find blueprints as you progress through the story, but you’ll still need to spend a lot of money on the actual upgrades. However, the pistol augment is excellent, adding chain lightning that leaps from foe to foe as you fire single shots or fan-fire into crowds. The long rifle augment allows you to supercharge a powerful, massively damaging sniper shot. Unlock all of them and implement them as soon as possible to maximize your effectiveness.

Explore exhaustively

You will receive everything you need, such as weapon augment blueprints and new equipment, at predetermined points in the story, and you cannot miss anything. However, Evil West conceals money and Jack & Luck chests containing cosmetic skins and hidden Perks in every nook and cranny. It does not always indicate which direction will advance the plot, so look for chains that indicate an access or climb point and investigate every nook and cranny.

Adapt to endure

Evil West has a vast assortment of foes and rotates its minibosses into standard encounters frequently. Because of this, some areas are very hard, and you’ll need all of Jesse’s weapons to get through them. But some weapons are better against certain types of enemies, and you’ll often have to change your strategy on the fly. Evil West has a great weapon system. Different guns are assigned to different buttons, so you can switch between them without cycling or weapon wheels. Also, there is no ammunition, so there is no need to reserve anything. Utilize this advantage and bring your entire arsenal to the fight.

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