5 things you should Remember from Avatar before you Watch The Way of Water

: The Way of Water premiered 13 years after Avatar (2009), which set a phenomenal box office record. After Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is accepted by the Na’vi, the story of the Na’vi continues in Avatar 2.
Additionally, The Way of Water continues the conflict between the Na’vi and the sky people, also known as humans, who seek to rule over . This gives Avatar: The Way of Water a strong connection to the plot of the original film.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water

A number of crucial details about Avatar (2009) must be remembered in order to comprehend the plot of Avatar: The Way of Water, which takes place several years after the first film.

Before watching Avatar: The Way of Water, here are five things to remember from Avatar (2009).

Pandora, Human Target Planet

Pandora is both a planet inhabited by the Na’vi and the primary setting of the Avatar saga. This planet resembles Earth and possesses an abundance of natural resources.

The depletion of Earth’s resources has prompted humanity to search for other planets, leading to the discovery of Pandora.

The Resources Development Administration (RDA) was then dispatched to Pandora to take control of the planet and seize its resources.

Original inhabitants of Pandora, the Na’vi

The Na’vi are humanoid inhabitants of the planet Pandora. The average Na’vi stands approximately 3 meters tall and has blue skin.

The Na’vi have a number of clans that reside in different regions. One of them is the Omaticaya, a forest-dwelling Na’vi clan that serves as the protagonist of the first Avatar tale.

Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) is the most prominent member of this clan involved in the conflict with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington).

Jake Sully’s Earlier Travels

Initially, humanity created the Avatar program, led by Dr. Grace Augustine, in order to learn more about the Na’vi people (Sigourney Weaver).
In this program, a hybrid creature resembling a Na’vi named Avatar was created. A paraplegic ex-soldier named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is appointed as one of the Avatars, and Grace is appointed as the project’s chief researcher.

Grace and Jake Sully’s affection for the Na’vi and planet Pandora was inspired by their mission. This mission also marked a new chapter in Jake Sully’s life, especially after he met Neytiri.

Conflict Against Humanity

However, the RDA is adamant about controlling Pandora, and therefore brutally attacks the Na’vi after gathering the necessary information.

Jake Sully, Grace, and several other scientists ultimately decided to fight against human colonization on the side of the Na’vi.

Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) leads the Pandora colonization mission and serves as Jake Sully’s superior. Since then, Quaritch has also viewed Jake as a traitor and plans to murder him.

Explanation of Avatar’s Closing (2009)

The war between the Na’vi and the RDA army was ultimately unavoidable. The conflict also claimed many lives on both sides.

After Miles Quaritch was killed by Neytiri, the Na’vi were eventually able to expel the human race from their planet. This battle also demonstrates Jake Sully’s devotion to the Na’vi nation.

He ultimately chose to live permanently as a Na’vi nation and joined Neytiri. In the meantime, humanity returns to Earth to prepare for an even more perilous assault designed to eliminate the Na’vi.

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