5 Pro Player’s Most Favorite Valorant Maps

So far, Valorant has nine map choices that you can get. The Lotus map was just added to the game in Episode 6 Act 1 and many players like it because it has its own uniqueness.

As said above, each map definitely has its own uniqueness that will keep you from getting bored playing. The color, mechanics, width, and shape of the map are the reasons which map is the best for you.

Curious about what are the best maps out of all the maps in Valorant? In this article, ADMIN will discuss the five maps that all Valorant players really like.

The 5 most popular Valorant maps for pro players


Attacking the defending team has indeed become the aim of the attackers in order to win the game. However, only this map allows the attacking team to attack from two different sides.

Fracture is a map that starts with the defending team on the map while the attacking team surrounds it. Many say that Fracture is very partial to the attacking team.

But if you think about it, this is a feature that the Fracture map has. If the attackers choose to rotate, then the defending team can rotate faster because they can pass through the middle of the map.

Automatic doors and ziplines are features that this map has and don’t exist in other maps. Sometimes, the automatic door at site A often surprises the defending team due to the sudden attacks from the attackers.


It can be said that Breeze is a map that has earned the title as the biggest map in Valorant. There are lots of very large battle areas in this map such as the middle or mid and also a very large site A.

Keep in mind that if you are playing on the Breeze map, you shouldn’t waste your time getting into the site. Due to the considerable distance from site A to site B, rotation is not possible.

Combat is something that is sure to happen instantly in the Breeze map because of the wide view that can be seen by you and the enemy. Several agents must be selected in this map such as Viper, Sova, and Chamber.

But now in Episode 6 Act 2, Breeze and Bind are locked and you can’t play them in Competitive mode. Valorant is working on refining these two maps to make it more balanced between teams on defense and teams on offense.


Still the only map that has a teleport feature to date. Bind is a map that has a sand theme which makes this map more dominant in yellow and brown.

Teleport gives more uniqueness to the Bind map therefore, whether you are attacking or defending, you can use teleport to do fast rotation. Enemies will find it more difficult to chase you because of the long distance.

Uniquely, if you’ve noticed all this time, Bind doesn’t have a mid or middle arena to fight. Yup, that’s right, Bind only has two ways to enter site A and site B and this makes it very easy for you when attacking and defending.

When you attack, you also have to be careful because there are lots of places for the defending team to hide. Make sure you check all the places and corners so you can enter the site safely.


Three sites are unique to this map and it was the only map that had three sites before the Lotus map arrived in Valorant. You can play with a different strategy each round and it doesn’t limit whether you are defending or attacking.

Each round will be like a different game due to the possible changes in strategy that can be launched by you or the enemy. How to enter and survive for one site also has many paths which are an advantage for this map.

It doesn’t have additional features such as teleporters, doors, and also ropes for climbing because there are already a lot of sites. If one of these features is added, it is likely that this map will become worse and even more difficult for the surviving team.


As one of the earliest maps in Valorant, Ascent has a special place in the hearts of players, especially pro players. Apart from having memorized the set up location, this place is also fairly friendly for both sides of the players.

Even in a competitive scene, this map is still the prima donna of pro players. You’ll often see Ascent as the first map in matches. This is usually done as a “warm up”. You see, Ascent map mechanism is not as complicated as other maps.

Having everything you can think of is an advantage in this map. Neither side will benefit the defending team or the attacking team more, both have the same level of difficulty in this map.

If you often play Valorant and get the Ascent map, have you seen the team composition on this map? Most likely not every time you will see the same team combination because Ascent does not have agent conditions like other maps.


Reported by The Spike The image above is an example of why the map chosen above is the best map in Valorant. These are map selection statistics during the VCT Champions 2022 tournament which was won by LOUD.

As can be seen, Ascent, Haven, and Bind occupy the top positions for selecting the map to play. In this statistic there is no Split map because at that time it was in the process of being repaired.

Do you agree with the five maps above? Which map do you think is the most exciting in Valorant? Don’t forget to keep monitoring ADMIN so you don’t miss any info about games and more.

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