5 Iconic Bats In Video Games You Need to Know as A Gamer

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2023)

These are some of the most iconic bats in the gaming universe, whether they are NPCs, mobs, or enemies. Bats are a common creature in the gaming universe, whether they are NPCs, mobs, or enemies.

Bats are small, rodent-like mammals with wings and are the only flying mammals. They have fingers at the ends of their wings and are typically nocturnal. Additionally, bats are creatures that players frequently encounter in games, such as in Terraria. They may be passive mobs, hostile opponents, or even NPCs.

Batman has bat in his name, but he is not a bat; therefore, he is not included on this list. Also, Dracula from the Castlevania franchise does not appear for this reason. However, the video game world is filled with bats, some of which are adorable and others terrifying.


The bats in Minecraft are one of the few bats in video games that are not hostile and do not attack players. They can be found in underground dark areas such as caves and can be killed, but they do not drop items or experience. These bats are small, harmless, and occasionally emit a squeak.

When a player leaves the area, they cease to spawn. They can fly randomly or hang upside down from solid blocks, but will flee if a player approaches too closely or destroys the block they are attached to. During the Halloween season, bats are more prevalent.

Mega Man

Battons are recurring robot bats that patrol forests in the original Mega Man series. In later games, these creatures are upgraded to superior variants. They frequently resemble bubbles with wings and have a low intelligence rating.

When their wings are folded and suspended from the ceiling, most Battons are indestructible. They can only be attacked when their wings are open and they are pursuing a prey. A later version of the Batton Bone, a common foe in the Mega Man X series, can be damaged while upside-down and immobile.

The Legend Of Zelda

In the majority of The Legend of Zelda video games, keese are small, agile bat-like creatures. They reside primarily in caverns and dungeons, but occasionally appear in the overworld. They typically appear in groups and have dark skin. Because they can be killed with a variety of weapons, keese are a common and weak foe that pose more of an annoyance than a threat.

They will either fly around randomly or rest on nearby rock faces, targeting and attacking Link when he comes close, though they will pause before striking, giving Link a chance to counterattack. There are numerous types of Keese based on their environment, with Fire and Ice being the most common adaptations to volcanic and icy climates. Electric, Shadow, and Dark are less frequent variations.

Dragon Quest

Dracky is one of the most recognizable bat enemies in the Dragon Quest series, alongside Fat Bat, Vampire Bat, Bone Bat, and Batatouille. They are silly cartoon bats named after Dracula and are recurring.

They have round feet, bodies, and eyes, large wings, a long, thin tail, and a constantly smiling fanged mouth. Drackies are typically a weak enemy and do not appear particularly intelligent, similar to slimes, but they can evolve into powerful monsters. Drackies’ exceptional speed and high evasion rates are one of their many advantages.


There are many Pokemon based on bats, ranging from dark types to poison types and even a legendary. Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Gligar, Gliscor, Woobat, Swoobat, Noibat, Noivern, and Lunala are the most well-known Pokemon. They can appear edgy and frightening or soft and adorable, and their dual-types include categories other than flying, such as psychic, dragon, and ghost.

Typically, players will encounter these Pokémon in caves or dark areas. They have a variety of bat characteristics, including dragon-like wings with pointed tips. Many of them share similar physical characteristics, such as Woobat and Swoobat’s heart-shaped noses or Crobat and Gliscor’s purple coloring. Classic bat characteristics are also present, such as blood-sucking fangs on Golbat and Gliscor, large ears on Noibat, and hints that a bat uses echolocation on eyeless Zubat.

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