3 Tips for Choosing a Valorant Agent for Beginners

Agent Valorant Tips for Beginners – Who of you doesn’t know about this rising game? Valorant is an FPS game from Riot Games which is currently being played by gamers and is also a game that is being watched a lot on Youtube!

Most FPS games have characters that you can play with. The characters in this game are called Agents. So for those of you who want to play this game, you must be confused. How do you choose an agent for beginners that is right for you? Don’t worry, check it out below!

In Valorant, you have to use an agent so you can play this game. Not all agents are suitable for those of you who are beginners because each agent has his own skills or abilities. However, you don’t need to bother to find out because we have summarized everything here. Here are 3 tips for choosing a Valorant agent for beginners for you.

Understand the Valorant Agent Types

As in other games, each Valorant agent also has its own types. Each of these types has different skills or abilities and roles. Here, you have to know what types of agents are in the game. There are 4 types of agents in Valorant:


Sentinel is a type of Valorant agent who is in a defensive role. This agent has defensive abilities that can be used to block opponents and defend the site. One of the agents of this type that you can use as a beginner is Sage and Killjoy.

Sage has a Healing Orb that can be used on him and his teammates. His Ultimate can also be used to revive his friends. As for Killjoy, he can defend the site alone with the defense kit he has. His Ultimate Skill can make his attack range so wide. Killjoy is also one of the most used Valorant agents, you know!


As the name suggests, this type of agent has the role of controlling the course of the game. This type has the skill to manipulate the opponent’s vision using the smoke or blind he has and can also access a wide area. The Valorant agent that is suitable for beginners of this type is Omen.

Omen has a skill that can cover the map with shadow blobs and restrict the view of anyone in front of him. His Ultimate Skill can make him teleport to all parts of the map which can make his position disguised. However, be careful because your opponent can hear his position if he gets too close to them.


This type is an agent who acts as a collector of information with the capabilities they have. This agent is useful to make it easier for the team to attack the enemy. So, the team will know where the opponents are so they can paralyze them. This type of Valorant agent that beginners can use is Sova.

Sova has the skill of shooting arrows which if they hit the opponent’s body, he can know where the opponent’s position is in a few moments. His ultimate skill is an energy shot that penetrates all fields and with a wide range.


The latter is the type of agent that is suitable for those of you who like aggressive games. This type is the drum of war which of course has a leading position in battle. This agent also has the possibility to get more skills. The Valorant agent that is suitable for beginners of this type is Phoenix.

Phoenix has a skill that can blind everyone who sees it for a few seconds and has the ability to create a wall of fire that can cover the area’s visibility in front of it. His Ultimate Skill can turn him into a spirit of fire that can attack and kill without fear of death.

Understand Skill/Ability in Agent Valorant

In this game, a Valorant agent has many skills or abilities that can be used and he doesn’t have a short cooldown and most of these skills or abilities must be purchased. Then, you can only use the ultimate after a few rounds. The following is a brief about the skills or abilities that you will find in Valorant agents.

  • Signature (One): You can use this skill in every round. However, this skill can be used often in every round because it depends on each agent.
  • Ultimate (One): This skill is the most effective skill and the strongest, but it needs to be chapped and usually more than 1 round. The trick is to complete objectives or kills.
  • Purchasable Skills (Two): You can buy this skill and you can also buy 2 extra skills at the start of the round. But this is not mandatory because it is optional.

Don’t use skills or abilities too often

The last tip is what you should also remember. You shouldn’t use skills or abilities too often because there will be a delay every time you change weapons. So, before using a skill with a long delay, make sure you are in a safe position. If not, you will be more vulnerable to attack by enemies. Then, you will die.

The most important of all the tips above, after choosing a suitable Valorant agent for beginners, you also have to practice a lot with each selected agent by learning and reading what skills and weapons are suitable for him. That way, those of you who are beginners can easily master the mechanics and accuracy of Valorant agents in the game. The point is, you have to keep practicing.

Those are some tips on choosing a Valorant agent for beginners. That’s all the author can present to you. So, do you know how to choose a Valorant agent for beginners that’s right for you?

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