10 Games Where You Can Play the Part of an Alchemist

Have you ever fantasized about becoming an and creating potions or poisons? Then you should investigate the following 10 games.

Many players have enjoyed alchemy as a side activity in video games in order to increase their chances of survival against bosses or the basic enemy. Some games have well-designed alchemy systems that allow players to assume the role of characters whose primary objective is to sell potions.

Some games revolve entirely around being an alchemist and operating a shop that aids the local populace during difficult times, typically in the medieval fantasy era. There is a wide variety of potions that can be brewed, so players looking for a chance to assume the role of an aspiring alchemist need look no further.


As many players are aware, crafting potions is not the primary objective of Minecraft, but it is an interesting mechanic that will have players searching for ingredients and memorizing recipes to create the most interesting potions.

When playing with others, these players may assign each other roles, which could result in one of them becoming the alchemist who supplies their friends with potions. These potions may be given as a gesture of goodwill or traded for materials that may be required. In this sandbox, all possibilities exist.

Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls V:

Similar to Minecraft, Skyrim offers numerous other quests and adventures, but after over a decade of adventuring, players have begun to create their own fun. While traversing the lands of Skyrim, a player can collect ingredients and devote themselves to learning more about what each does when combined with others.

It is also possible to improve this skill in order to create even more potent potions or even poisons, which can then be sold for a profit in each town’s shops.

Wonderbook: Book Of Potions

The Wonderbook, which was released for the PlayStation 3, was an innovative concept that allowed players to experience augmented reality games in their living rooms. One of these games set in the Harry Potter universe was Book of Potions. It allowed players to experience a brief story while preparing potions.

After unlocking a variety of ingredients, players were free to combine whatever they wished to create their own amusing concoctions to test on a toad with hilarious results.

Alchemist Adventure

An exciting aspect of being an alchemist is experimenting with different combinations of ingredients to determine what they could produce. Combining materials not only defeats foes but also solves puzzles in Alchemist Adventure.

As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult for players as there is no auto-save and the number of save points decreases significantly. This alchemist is not idly testing her brews in her shop because she has a compelling story to find and save the protagonist’s daughter and husband.

The Smallest Witch in the Woods

Alchemists and witches have many similarities, particularly when it comes to the creation of potions. In Little Witch in the Woods, the player follows Ellie, an apprentice witch, as she pursues her ambition to become a full-fledged witch.

Once more, players will collect ingredients and concoct potions to help the good citizens of Witch House solve their problems. With a vast, mysterious fantasy world to explore and a plethora of intriguing characters, an apprentice witch will have plenty to do while completing their training.

The Snake Thief

Plague Doctors are similar to alchemists, particularly in The Serpent Rogue, in which the player awakens as a small person wearing a beaked mask with the sole objective of saving the world from corruption. This storm traverses the globe and infects the local fauna.

In this gothic world, players must not only concoct healing potions but also recruit familiars to assist them on their quests. With so many ingredients to locate and utilize, the game can be quite difficult to comprehend.


In addition to brewing potions, the success of a small alchemy shop is highly dependent on the patronage of its customers. In Alchemist Simulator, players must carefully select the contracts they wish to complete, as each has the potential to impact the world surrounding their shop.

Taking over a relative’s shop can leave a lot to live up to, so the player will constantly strive for greatness in order to become a legendary alchemist. This will be accomplished by upgrading the laboratory and experimenting with ancient recipes calling for unusual ingredients.


The player assumes the role of an ancient witch with a significant mission in a land of gothic fables and fairy tales with an excellent art style reminiscent of a storybook. Exploring this world will require players to concoct enchantments in order to defeat magnificent beasts and complete other quests.

As they have caused issues in the world, the players will encounter a large number of characters whom they must evaluate. It is up to the player to decide whether they should be punished or pardoned for their actions.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

In this potion-making game whose art style is heavily influenced by medieval manuscripts and books, the primary focus of the gameplay is the creation and sale of potions. Potion Craft even allows alchemists to alter the appearance of the bottles they use to sell their potions.

The large map reveals how close or far a player is from brewing a successful potion, requiring players to employ strategic thinking when using and brewing ingredients. Contracts should be selected with care, as assisting the wrong people can harm the store’s reputation.

Alchemy Garden

Alchemy Garden combines the traditional mechanics of becoming an alchemist with tending to a garden in order to cultivate ingredients for more potent potions. In the beginning, players will be required to explore for the necessary ingredients; eventually, they will be able to cultivate their own garden to better sustain their potions.

In addition to creating potions, players have complete freedom of customization, as they can not only fully personalize their character with a variety of hairstyles and outfits, but also personalize their shop by crafting unlockable furniture.

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